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New York | Interior DesignSeptember 16, 2013

Schnabel ‘s Palazzo Chupi

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Palazzo Chupi at 360 West 11th Street between Washington and West Streets in the West Village section of the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan,New York City is a residential condominium building designed by artist Julian Schnabel in the style of a Northern Italian palazzo, built on top of a former horse stable.

Schnabel uses the lower four floors, the former stable, as a studio.  They also contain a parking garage, art gallery space and swimming pool.

The building, which contains five "palatial" units, is easy to spot because of its singular style and bold pink color.  The name is taken from the trendy Spanish lollipop called "Chupa Chups"; Schnabel used Chupi as a pet name for his second wife Olatz López Garmendia.

Schnabel says that he built the Palazzo "because I wanted more space, and because I thought I could sell two or three apartments to pay for that space, and I built it because I could."

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