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PeopleDecember 14, 2011

Adored Adele’s New Face

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"  One eye sees, the other feels"

Paul Klee

Fresh from her success at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (12th February), the Someone Like You singer features in the March issue of the fashion bible, where she talks about her romance with Simon Konecki and her recent vocal surgery.

And as  her accolades prove, Adele is the newest and greatest one-named singer since Ke$ha Rihanna, and despite that pesky Karl comment, she continues to turn it out in her March Vogue pictorial. Like her songs, the photos are dark, moody, and somehow manage to find the light (looks like someone's been listening to Tyra). They're also up close and personal, romantic, and sultry (but we don't mean to gush). And, after her major sweep at last night's Grammy's, we're pretty sure this songstress will have to get used to the flashbulbs. Only question is, how much did the smudge, erase, and contouring tools come into play in order to achieve that porcelain skin, narrowed jaw, and illuminated skin?

I have embedded the 54 Grammy Award video so  you can compare  at your easy the images and the the major  face change that have caused  tremendous controversies within Adele's fans who much adore her as she is.

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The Source: Refinery 29

The Photos Courtesy Vogue Magazine US March Edition

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