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New YorkApril 19, 2015

AIPAD /15 Favorite “How Much Can You Carry?”

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This year strolling at the AIPAD show in New York, like every year apart from the usual Sebastian Salgado, Mario Testino and Martin Shamri , always a pleasure to admire, I was't much impressed. Maybe because the advent of so much websites like Pinterest, flickr or Instagram added to other dozens of  social medias platforms born like epidemic  mushrooms, nothing seems to catch my visual attention expect for French photographer Floriane de Lasse with the theme " How much can you carry?"

I loved the title , I immediately felt full solidarity and experienced love and compassion towards those  beautiful people she pays tribute to carrying their loads on an everyday basis  from Ethiopia to Japan through Rwanda or Indonesia. All of us carry sometimes un-necessary luggage on our shoulders and most of the time without expression. Floriane beautifully showcased human  dignity  in colorful smiles. Have we got something to learn from?

" On roads of East Africa, Indonesia, Bolivia and beyond — blinded by the sun, we drive again and again. By moto, by bus, by 4x4. The landscapes varies, roads also, but always we see these walkers along the roadside who seem to carry all their life on the head.

Such as ants with impeccable balance, men and women carry wooden mountains, tins of water, and food, the harvests of the fields.

The back bent sometimes, but always the straight neck and the fixed look, they are going to sell to the market, or are returning with reserves necessary for the home.

For this report — and because I have covered the subject of consumption in western countries — I imagined a series quite playful, reflecting the true life of people.

"How Much Can You Carry?" is above all a tribute to the bearers of life; those whose life is heavy and where smiles and laughter become the key to a livable existence.

This series can be read on two levels: The first refers to these modern caryatids; the second, more secret, talks about various weights we all carry, whether physical or psychological (the weight of tradition, education, family, etc.).

Floriane de Lassée

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Image credits: © Floriane deLassée / image courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago.

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