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George Town | HotelMarch 19, 2015

Coconut IT Chill at Cayman’s Ritz Carlton

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Four o clock in the morning we are escaping the Thor snow storm. heading to JFK, we are hoping to make it. This is real unfortunate timing,” said John Murray of the National Weather Service last night. Whatever , let's try it! We think all packed and sitting on the green taxi whose I-pad  featuring  French cartoons for Juliette,  is the only noise in the car. My seven-months old grand-daughter watching attentively pink and yellow singing flowers on the screen is the only one that seems to have no concerns about the upcoming flight. We are taking off. We are glad because we made it and because  Jet Blue is offering  free Wi-Fi . After the few clouds, we reach altitude . The sky is of a promising blue, the sun is shining. On the screen this time a few images live of a plane skidding on a heavily snowed runaway at  La Guardia . I shut off my TV but notice it's useless as I see the same image all over the other screens. We have now passed Palm Beach , Nassau, Dominican Republic and Cuba. Three and a half hours later, tropical palms , a light  breeze and small trio of musicians welcome our arrival with Caribbean tunes. I see myself already taking pictures.I also post a video on Instagram. I am happy and grateful. I have arrived from hell into a promising paradise.

From the moment  we arrived at The Ritz-Carlton I was encompassed by a sense of wonder. By day, it might be captured in the cool blue sea – in a gently floating water hammock, by the undivided attention of an aqua butler or a memorable swim at Stingray City.seafood dining experience at Blue by Eric Ripert, or a moonlit stroll on Seven Mile Beach.

Situated on 144 acres stretching sea-to sea from the Caribbean to the North Sound, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman features: our luxurious outdoor cabanas or the soft white sand beneath your feet on Seven Mile Beach.

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