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New York | Exhibition & EventMay 11, 2014

Collective 2 Design Fair 2014

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This weekend sees the return of two hugely successful contemporary art fairs to New York, Frieze New York and NADA, which are set to fill the streets with collectors and fashionable folk from across the globe. But it also marks the kick-off for a month-long marathon of design events, openings, fairs, conferences and parties. The first is Collective 2, the second annual collectible design fair, which was started last year by the architect Steven Learner. It opens tomorrow at Moynihan Station.

Collective was originally conceived as a kind of rallying cry for the local gallery set to build something just as important on the global calendar as Design Miami, held in December, or the more curatorial elements of Milan’s Salone del Mobile in April. “New York is a great international design hub, and it’s increasingly important to have events like Collective to bring world-class talent here,” Learner says. “Just as the art community has grown as a result of the international art on view, the design community can benefit from more of this kind of exposure.”

Learner’s efforts seem to be paying off. The second installment will see a 50 percent jump in the number of galleries, as well as an impressive amount of programming and special installations. But it’s not just a local affair this time around. Dealers from outside the United States will join the fray this year, including Galerie BSL from Paris, ADN Galeríafrom Mexico City and Carwan Gallery from Beirut.

On the programming side, three special exhibitions will tie the local design community to talents abroad. The recently appointed director of the Museum of Arts and Design, Glenn Adamson, will curate a show dedicated to Scandinavian design, the renowned Dutch school Design Academy Eindhoven will exhibit new student work and the local impresarios Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell will curate an exhibition dedicated to the works of Hella Jongerius. Many of Jongerius’s works on display come from the duo’s personal collection, including her 1997 porcelain “Red White Vase” produced by Royal Tichelaar Makkum that features a band of bright red automotive paint. “Hella stitches together ideas deemed incompatible, technologies and methodologies deemed incompatible, materials thought incompatible,” Moss says, “and in so doing creates new archetypes of exceptional quality and intelligence and beauty.”

Serious collectors looking to acquire their next piece can sneak an advance peek on Artsyat many of the works to be displayed at all the week’s fairs. But newcomers should note Learner’s claim that it’s a buyer’s market when it comes to design. “Both vintage and contemporary design are both so undervalued at the moment in the marketplace,” he says, “that it would be a smart investment.” ( T Magazine)

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Collective 2 takes place May 8-11 at Skylight at Moynihan Station, 360 W. 33rd Street, New York, N.Y. For more information, visit

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