Frequently asked questions

How to contact Joelle?

PHONE : +1 646 657-0131

Where can I find more information about selected pieces in the website?

You can send an e-mail inquire directly from the JOELLE JEWELS website page of the jewel of interest, just with a click and our representative will get back at you shortly.

Your information will be kept with us and non disclosed set in our Private Policy.

Where can I see Joelle Jewels?

By appointment only in New York City or at your home, office or hotel worldwide.

JOELLE JEWELS is able to provide this unpaired service through their official International forwarding company, the MALCA-AMIT leaders in services of transportation of jewelry, gems, valuable cargo and fine art with more than 50 years experience worldwide. MALCA-AMIT group offers strategically located offices throughout the world that specialize in advance logistics systems adopting total safety, custom clearance and quality deliveries.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Very easily through THE JOELLE JEWELS website under any of the pieces you have selected just with a click selecting the desired location and preferred time, or by phone leaving a detailed message.

How long in advance I need to schedule?

Except for China, Brazil and Russia whose Carnets will require estimates and further analysis, up to 48 hours in advance if the Jewels are available.

What are the insurance , clearance and shipping costs for scheduling an appointment?

The total costs of insurance, shipping and security vary from country to country.

Except for China, Brazil and Russia whose quotations will be upon request, we can provide you with an immediate detailed quotation through a price list.

What is the method of payment for such costs?

Bank wire, checks or credit cards prior shipping.

Those costs will be free of charge if you happily decide to purchase the piece and the deposited amount will be deducted from the remaining payment.
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