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Florence | CampaignSeptember 12, 2012

Gucci DIY FB ” Cut and Craft” Contest

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If you have some time and want to have some fun,

Italian fashion house Gucci is flaunting its Gucci Icon handbags through a do-it-yourself contest that requires consumers to download, construct and design their own paper bag.

The “Cut & Craft” campaign showcases the Bamboo, Jackie and Stirrup handbags by giving consumers a paper pattern to create their own version, which could be a tactic to get brand loyalists engaged for a longer amount of time. The label is hosting a contest on a Facebook application to give users the chance to have their bag shown to creative director Frida Giannini and featured as the cover image on Gucci’s Timeline.

“This is a fantastic way to reach friends of fans with a product-based promotion that is authentic, putting loyal fans on a pedestal,” said Marko Muellner, senior director of marketing at ShopIgniter, Portland, OR. “I think this is a stand-out campaign from concept and execution perspectives.

“The most valuable asset Gucci gains is the photos of the Cut & Craft bags,” he said. “Many of them are beautiful and exactly the types of images that will be widely shared on social networks.

“Gucci continues to do great work in digital and I think this is a stellar example of how to do product promotion using social.”

Arts and crafts

Users can print a pattern of their choice from the Cut & Craft Facebook app as well as view instructional videos for each pattern and vote for their favorite fan creation.

There are also features on each handbag in the app that show a product description, image, video and link to purchase. The videos show each bag made out of paper, which then transforms into the Gucci handbag.

Gucci did many things right in this campaign, but could have optimized the contest for mobile devices and encouraged sharing beyond Facebook, per Mr. Muellner.

“It is beautiful and fully on-brand,” Mr. Muellner said. “There is rich product promotion with video and imagery, but still true to its customer’s passions.

“It is a high bar for participation, to download a template, build and design a bag, which usually is a lot to ask,” he said. “In this case, it only needed a few great submissions and Gucci has them.”

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