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Sidney | EditorialApril 16, 2013

Atashi-Boku Opposites Attract

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When two worlds collide, the aftermath can be as unsettling as it can be extraordinary. The concept that implies the melting together of two opposite aesthetics might not be a new one, but during the past few years it has been explored with a stubbornness that only left us longing for more. Teaming up with fashion stylist Tamzen Holland, photographer Sarah Fountain went even further in evoking the feminine versus masculine clash, by borrowing inspiration from the costuming and choreography of martial arts films.

Envisioned as a way of uncovering more of the underlayers that help build a compelling union of antagonistic themes, “Atashi-Boku” celebrates the best of two deviating worlds, accenting the femininity through the Geisha subtext, while emphasising masculinity as highly represented in the fashion story by the Samurai inspiration. And so, the traditional Eastern style meets a futuristic high fashion vision.

Cool colours and warm colours also join forces in depicting the surreal atmosphere of the photo shoot that has model Gisele Pletzer placed in an eastern avant-garde fantasy. With extravagant hair and makeup by artist Tracie Weaver and the flawless layering of oriental inspired shapes and prints envisioned by Tamzen Holland , the story is infused with an equal amount of grace and fearlessness. To view the entire shoot by Sarah Fountain click on the thumbnails above and proceed through the gallery. ( Fashionizing)

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