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Penelope Jewel for Vogue

Penelope Tree is her real name. Only child of Ronald Tree, journalist, investor and British MP and Marietta Tree, US socialite and in later years American represent  at the United Nations . Penelope is also related to retailer Marshall Field, Rev. Endicott Peabody and half-sister of author Frances FitzGerald. With Penelope Tree a change began in the way we perceive beauty. Penelope didn’t look like anybody else, she was a moon-child.

At 17, she went to Truman Capote’s famous Black & White Ball (in 1966) and was spotted by Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon and Diana Vreeland ,who all took credit for discovering Penelope. The next day Penelope was already commissioned by American Vogue to be photographed by Avedon, who was so taken by Penelope’s appearance he said; ‘Don’t touch her. She is perfect’.

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