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Princess Farah Diba Tiara

When the Shah and the Empress Farah were married in 1958, several new items of jewellery were made for the occasion.

One was a tiara created by Harry Winston NY.

Obviously the Empress delights in it for she has worn it in most of her official photographs and on many occasions.

The heart-shaped lower border is of platinum inset wiht baquette diamonds. Above it two irregular rows of various shaped diamonds (pink, yellow and colourless) support a cresting of seven magnieficent large emeralds enclosed in diamond frames.
Emeralds from left to right :
Oval cabochon, 16 x 15mm, 10 carats, blue-green, nearly clean
Oval cabochon 19x 18mm, 18 carats , blue green, nearly clean
Round cabochon 25 x 24 mm, 44 carats, blue green, nearly clean
Centre stone oval step-cut, pavilion exosed, 20 x 28 mm, 65 carats, blue green, some jardin
Oval cabochon 26 x 25 mm 48 carats, blue green, best colour
Round cabochon 20 x 20 mm 24 carats, blue-green, paler, some jardin.
Round cabochon. 15 mm, 10 carats, blue-green, very clean

The tiara combines the old and new in gems and the gem cutters art. The emeralds, South American in origin, may have been cut in India before Nadir Shahs triumph.
Most of the diamonds are brilliants. The larger ones are rather high and were probably recut in the nineteenth century form Indian diamonds in the collection, but some may have been more recent acquisitions. The two old-fashioned brilliants which appear to be heavy, are 15 carats, faint yellow, clean and the other right below central emerald, cushion brilliant-cut, 15 x 14 mm , 15 carats, colourless, clean.
The baquette diamonds and the brilliants framing the emeralds are modern in cut and are probably South African.

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