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Azulejo Chic


When fashion editorials make you dream of far away cultures and flavors.  This Vogue Portugal Sept 11 features a Lithuanian born  model , Auguste Abeliunaite photographed by Luis Monteiro


Azulejo  from the Arabic word Zellige is a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tilework. It has become a typical aspect o fPortuguese culture, having been produced without interruption for five centuries. There is also a tradition of their production in former Portuguese and Spanish colonies in Latin America and in the Philippines.


In Portugal, azulejos are found on the interior and exterior of churches, palaces, ordinary houses and even railway stations or subway stations. They constitute a major aspect of Portuguese architecture as they are applied on walls, floors and even ceilings. They were not only used as an ornamental art form, but also had a specific functional capacity like temperature control in homes. Many azulejos chronicle major historical and cultural aspects of Portuguese history.



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