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Frida Khalo


Frida Khalo. Among a few others she is my true inspiration. I am in Mexico as we speak and I had the opportunity to visit her home , the Casa Azul, where she lived with her husband the Mexican artist Diego Rivera and her Studio. You will find the articles on the magazine soon.

Frida was the precursor of the trend we call BOHO, or Bohemian Chic. Although her life has been full of challenges, she always took the opportunity to transform hardship and limitations into an explosion of creative courage and exquisite taste. She was devoted to life, to colors, to her country, to Diego, to  folk  costumes, to fruits and to flowers. She had the instinctive knoledge of blending with nonchalance the most intricate patterns and colors, in textiles, jewelry and simple everyday objects.

The world of fashion editorials , designers and hundreds of artist have payed photographic tribute to her like German Photographer  Susanne Bisovsky in this picture.

We love you Firda, will channel into you soon on Joelle magazine.comf

Frida II


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