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Today my heart and prayers go to my beloved Italy the country I was born after the tremendous earthquake strike in the country central region precisely #umbria . The city of #norcia is renowned for its grace and the region Italy’s most classic agricultural landscapes, long ago sculpted into terraces for the olive trees of Trevi and the vines of Bevagna and Montefalco. It’s an ancient, prosperous, densely populated valley, so gentle in its declivities and generous with its vistas that it hardly seems a valley at all. Also the land of Giotto’s frescoes and of many more artist and sculptors such as Jacopo della Quercia. Apart from the historical palazzi ,museums and and spiritual architecture, today, Norcia is associated in the rest of Italy above all with its salumi, or pork and wild boar products, which come in sausages, salamis and cured hams of all shapes and sizes.May the people of Umbria Rise from the ashes quickly and safely showing the world more of their marvelous beaty soon! ?Daily Telegraph UK

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