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Tel Aviv | DesignersOctober 18, 2013

Liat Brandel Gilon’s Fake Reality

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Liat Brandel-Gilon is a fresh graduate of the Fashion Design Dept. of Shenkar College, Israel, where she graduated summa cum laude. During her studies, she has also familiarized herself with the fashion industry, as she interned both at Marks and Spencer's, London and at Persy Ltd., Tel-Aviv. Liat has entered the list of Israel's ten most promising young fashion designers (according to Haaretz newspaper and Onlife magazine). She has received numerous excellence scholarships during her studies, including the Castro Award and the Nil Davis Award for excellence in fashion design.

Liat's graduate collection was chosen to open Shenkar's annual graduate fashion show and was published in several media sources, including Vogue Italia, Haaretz, Calcalist, Globes, Fashion TV, Guy Pines TV Show, At Magazine, Walla!fashion, Tachles Magazine etc.

Liat has recently entered the semi-finals of the prestigious MUUSE x Vogue Talents - Young Vision Award contest. Moreover, her works are soon to be exhibited during Tokyo Designers Week in Japan, as well as at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, during the opening evening of the LEADEL conference.

Her Designs are clean, symmetrical and graphic. She draws inspiration from geometric shapes, engineering and the world of paper. She also employs various unorthodox techniques and materials not commonly used in clothing, such as plastic, magnets, wood, Perspex etc. In addition, she adores vivid colors that add a cheerful smile to every garment! Apart from clothing, Liat's designs also include iconic unique accessories that add a twist to any outfit.

Liat believes that fashion is all about the correct blend of humor, creativity and commitment to excellence. These allow her to partake in a fun designing process, which involves attention to the smallest details.

"Fake Reality" graduate collection deals with a phenomenon that has been dramatically changing the way we communicate, socialize, perceive and showcase ourselves: the digital revolution.

From social networks, to search engines, blogs and smartphones, this new media has made it incredibly easy to create a virtual version of ourselves. We create a digital persona, which can constantly be changed and exaggerated.

This phenomenon is represented by optical illusions, pixelization, slits, pop-ups, hidden folds and patterns. These are combined with vivid color on a white surface, highlighting the digital computer screen and the delicate borderline between the two- and three-dimensional worlds.

"Fake Reality" was recently chosen to represent Shenkar College at the Tokyo Designers Week through a unique exhibit launched last night.

In order to convey the way in which users share their own experiences in the age of Web 2.0, she wishes to distinguish the way in which her clothes are exhibited from the traditional method of exhibiting garments. In order to achieve this, the visitors of the exhibition are not only viewers; rather, they are to become active participants, who are provided with an ability to learn about the different techniques implemented in the garments, customize the outfit and share their results with the world. The exhibit will include the collection itself, as well as  a one-of-a-kind interactive display.

Tokyo Designers Week will be held during October 26th- November 4th, and will include artists and designers from all over the world, as well as companies, organizations and institutes that will reveal their latest innovations. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to take part in this major design event.

Stay tuned  from your social media to your closets as this girl -new- talent  totally rocks!

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