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Rome | Exhibition & EventNovember 3, 2013

An Evening near The Vatican

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The Palazzo Colonna is a palatial block of buildings in central Rome, Italy, at the base of the Quirinal Hill, and adjacent to the church of Santi Apostoli. The private palace is built in part over ruins of an old Roman Serapeum, and has belonged to the prestigious Colonna family for over twenty generations.

I had the pleasure to visit the wonderful site and at the same time be part a Roman princely lifestyle during one evening attending a wedding of dear family friends that live in the city  . The ceremony took place at the impressive  Great Synagogue of Rome  and 18th century building  overlooking  the banks of the Tiber and the party celebration directly after at Palazzo Colonna's adjacent rooms, called  Galleria Cardinale. I was surrounded by a warm evening of unequalled beauty , exquisite refinement  , captivating music , visible  and invisible angels.

Palazzo Colonna, one of the grandest palaces of Europe and for more more than six hundred years, the Colonna family 's home was built by  greatest architects of the Renaissance and Baroque, and decorated by important artists with frescoes  filled with decorative arts, soaring ceilings and masterpieces of painting. This Roman palace hosted the Pope’s and  the Cardinal’s families, It's private courts have been the perfect place for important un-official conversations  and the  beautiful night of the wedding ideal get-together with old and new friends of Roman and International social, and political Elite just like in older times. The suspended garden impressed guests by their simple yet astonishing grandeur.

Many of these hidden treasures in one  evening  only, revealed how often one could easily live in contact with absolute masterpieces. If you have the opportunity to be in Rome, take some time to book a special tour , a privilege for only a few ,  and visit  Princess Isabelle Colonna apartment who has kept intact the warm atmosphere it had during her lifetime, turning her private residence  into a treasure chest, which she loved to show only to her closest friends.

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Palazzo Colonna  - Roma

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