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Our brand platform is the first step designed to help identify your brand’s unique benefits, develop content, tone and value propositions for all subsequent deliverables.

Brand Platform Development

Inclusive of up to three, two hour consultation sessions including:

  1. Review current business and marketing plans
  2. Identify competitors within the space and specific challenges/strengths
  3. Understand the target audience and their communications/services needs
  4. Review existing collateral and websites
  5. Messaging: Key differentiating factors (what distinguishes your brand, product, service from everyone else?)
  6. Brand Personality (how do we communicate, tone?)
  7. Mission, Vision, Values (who are we, what are our objectives?)
  8. Strategy, Techniques (what channels do we leverage to proliferate our messages?)

This document will be the road map for your brand or business. It will set the tone and define the implementation process for its target audiences and market. It will also be the litmus test for all future communications to ensure that they support key brand benefits. The outcome of this process is a comprehensive document that includes:

    1. Personality Profile
    2. Target Audience Identification
    3. Creative Brief
    4. Overview
    5. Mission
    6. Vision
    7. Value Proposition
    8. Key Messages
    9. Recommendations & Insights
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