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New York | MenswearSeptember 6, 2012

The Polso Orologio Party

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What is the Polso Orologio ?

In the early 1990s,   Angelo Galasso designed the Polso Orologio shirt. His inspiration came from former Fiat President Gianni Agnelli, who suffered from an allergy forcing him to wear his watch over the shirt cuff.

An Angelo Galasso shirt undertakes 85 different stages in its manufacturing process. The shirt is manufactured entirely by hand, adhering to the traditional Italian methods of fabric selection, sewing techniques and assembly procedures. The shirt is constructed using ten stitches to the centimeter. The penultimate buttonhole is always horizontal, resulting in a streamlined look. The cuff is 12 cm long with the internal lining made of pure cotton, specially strengthened to avoid creasing.

To ensure the collar lies flat against the collarbone, the interlinings are glued and four collar stiffeners are sewn in, providing support and creating an utterly crisp finish. The entire shirt is sewn using the French seam method where the raw edges of the fabric are fully enclosed for a neater appearance. A tribute to the old tailoring traditions lies in the slight pleat of the shoulder line – a unique feature of a hand-made shirt. Gussets, triangular pieces of cloth, are sewn on both sides of the shirt, bringing more breadth to its shape and providing the uppermost level of comfort.

In 2004, the Polso Orologio shirt was exhibited at the Design Museum in London elevating Angelo Galasso’s creation as a work of art with timeless design. The Financial Times hailed Angelo Galasso as “the Da Vinci of shirts”.

Why is Angelo Galasso called the " Ecclective Creative " ?

Angelo Galasso defines Style as choice and attitude. The perfectly tailored suits, original details, touch of color and accessories are what make a man go beyond the classic look to achieve effortless elegance. In the early 1990s, he designed the emblematic Polso Orologio shirt (Watch Cuff). The shirt became instantly popular propelling Angelo Galasso’s career in the fashion world through Interno 8, his first fashion venture.

After conquering Italy, Angelo  expanded Interno 8 internationally by moving his headquarter to London. A wise choice that attracted a cosmopolitan clientele that includes the likes of: Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Moore, David Beckham, King Abdullah of Jordan, Michael Caine, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, among others.

Angelo moved on and founded the first Couture brand for men, Billionaire Italian Couture. The brand’s original and cutting-edge design established Angelo Galasso as one of the most talented designers within the contemporary men’s fashion scene.

In 2009, he  launched his namesake brand and the first flagship store opened in London fulfilling his dream of creating a line that carries his own identity. The success of the line caused the company to expand. The Milano House opened in 2011 and in 2012 Angelo Galasso opened stores in Moscow and New York.

All of the Angelo Galasso collections follow the ethos of Tradition in Evolution, a philosophy that is embedded in every garment. Exclusive materials are used in sportier looks and modern and innovative details are added to formal-wear. It is the answer to the modern man’s high expectations in quality, design and image. In his own words, Angelo Galasso describes his success as ‘passion, sensitivity and a touch of self-irony: as this is the only way to remain in the path of creativity.’

Why New York at the Plaza?

The Plaza Hotel’s Edwardian Room has come full circle in the celebration of men and style with the opening of Italian menswear line Angelo Galasso.

The prestigious designer  is delighted to bring his 20+ year design experience and his Couture point of view of menswear — honoring Italian craftsmanship, rarity and uniqueness — to New York with the opening of ANGELO GALASSO’s first US flagship in this iconic location. Celebrating Fatto in Italia (Made in Italy), not only is the full line of ready-to-wear and accessories made in Angelo Galasso’s native country, so are the store’s fixtures and furniture.

Angelo Galasso’s inexhaustible inspiration and passion for excellence in every detail of the designing process, is a hallmark of his collection, combined with exceptional quality. For Angelo Galasso, a perfectly tailored suit, original detailing, a touch of color and perfectly appointed accessories is what makes a man go beyond a classic look and achieve effortless elegance. The collection is what Galasso calls Tradition in Evolution, a philosophy applied to every garment he creates. Luxurious fabrics are used in sportier attire and original details are added to formal wear. It is the answer to the modern man’s high expectation of quality, design and image. In his own words, Angelo Galasso describes his success as a combination of “passion, sensitivity and a touch of self-irony: as this is the only way to remain in the path of creativity.”

The grand Spanish Renaissance Revival of the Edwardian Room is returned to its glory with its panelled oak wainscoting, elaborate trussed ceiling, and stencilled decorations received a jolt of Fatto in Italia with Angelo Galasso menswear. The Italian menswear label, with stores in Milan, London and Moscow, has taken over this landmark for its US debut.

At the  crowded party last night in the Oak room at the Plaza, filled with celebrities models, polso orologio shirts with Jacob the Jeweler's watches,  fashion bloggers and a everlasting line to get one's measurements for a free Angelo Galasso's shirt , I have asked Angelo why he chose to wear what he was wearing.

He answered " My wife always says that she is the woman on not me. I was going to wear stress shoes and at the last moment I picked this velvet loafers, you know, I am insecure and I need to have a vast choice so I can choose at the last minute what I feel like wearing , capisci? "

With the champagne running though my brain, $ 2.000 alligator belts , million dollar babes around, I thought that if this is the result of being insecure, I will be on top of the world as well by the end of the evening.

Welcome to the big Apple my friend!

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Angelo Galasso Stores:

New York

The Plaza 5th Avenue at Central Park South New York, NY 10019, USA T +1 212 371 4400


8-10 Hans Road London, SW3 1RX, UK T + 44 (0)207 584 3978


Via Montenapoleone 21/A 20121 Milan, Italy T +39 02 255 466 33


Bolshaya Dmitrovka 20/1 107021 Moscow , Russia T +7 495 650 4517

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