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São Paulo | PeopleNovember 26, 2005

Little Boss

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what can I say, this guy has always been my guardian angel.

Believe it or not I met him 10 years ago in a contest of good-looking young men and women competing for the role of salesperson for my new home emporium flagship in São Paulo called Sig and Joelle. There he was, quiet and ironically silent, only now I finally know the reason why.

This kid listened patiently and learned and absorbed everything he could without ever talking too much. He would just wisely watch. Through the many phases of my careeer he was always present, piling up products, developing samples, experimenting with prototypes, selling, buying, managing the store, you name it, he was always there. Part of his job was to check on me in a hospital in India, rescue me from an angry American Indian, negotiate with a Turkish antique dealer or support me after a strenuous discussion with a Chinese interpreter at a trade show.

There he is, moving like Nureyev on his own new stage. It was about time.

As usual he is upset. He does not like to take pictures while he works. The music is loud, probably some of these tremendous Brazilian pop bands that scorch within new the store. The space is furnished with exotic stone Buddhas, classic Japanese screens, ceramics made in Brazil and of course an enormous number of traditional Brazilian icons - discovered I believe on his trail through the north, probably in Bahia. Coconut artifacts that could easily be mistaken for Thai opium beds are luxuriously arranged near daybeds from Minas Gerais. One could say he has learned to be a magician.

As a strong believer in his own principles, he writes what he thinks on the walls and makes it a point to put serious statements in a red background. You almost feel a little guilty when you read that whatever you do you must be perfect, otherwise don't do it.

Bahianas candlesticks are everywhere, blended with straw rugs that could fit in any small beach house in the neighborhoods of São Paulo.

What can I tell you, does he offer me a drink? No, he doesn't. But as neither a guest nor a client, I still feel awfully at home and incredibly proud of him.

Delfina Rua Delfina 112- tel. 38 16 28 62 Vila Madalena São Paulo/Brasil


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