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Shanghai | Fashion TrendFebruary 12, 2012

China Lovebirds

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It's easy to spot young lovebirds across Shanghai and all over China these days. Forget about key signs such as holding hands -- young Chinese couples have a way of announcing their status as taken: matching clothing. To show their perfect match, lovers wear corresponding T-shirts and hoodies, especially when they go out together or when on holiday.

I have added to this beautiful article  a selection of  a few of my favorite Couple Tees and reference links from the hundreds of Asian websites on the net.

Eric Zhang , left, and Yao Kaiyan have been together for more than five years. Yao dictates the majority of the couple’s paired wardrobe, which includes T-shirts and shoes. “I listen to her,” says Zhang. “She is my queen.”

Zhou Jie  and Wang Chunxu , both 27, have been married for two years.  “Tomorrow is our anniversary,” says Zhou (left). “But tomorrow is Sunday so we are wearing the T-shirts today to celebrate.” Sunday must be an official non-matching clothes day.

Shanghai natives Tom Lu , left, and Bao Chen  have been together for more than one year. Bao said she bought the T-shirts online and gave them to Lu because she thinks her man is as strong as Popeye.Bao said she bought the T-shirts online and gave them to Lu because she thinks her man is as strong as Popeye.

Xia Fei  left, and Chen Zhiqiang have been dating for three years. Both come from Anhui Province.  Chen said Xia bought these T-shirts as a Valentine’s Day present.

Tang Jingzhou , left, and Qian Weisi .  “This is the way we show our love,” said Tang. “We don't care what others think.”

Ai Xi , front, and Chen Zhen  are both students in Xi’an.  “We wear the same clothes a lot,” said Ai. “We also always wear matching bracelets.”

 Li Yang , left, and Zhou Wanting  have been dating for more than two and a half years.  While Li lives in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, Zhou is a student in Xi’an. The two cities are roughly 1,700 kilometers apart. We always wear the same clothing when we are together,” said Li, minutes before bidding goodbye to his girlfriend as she boarded the train bound for Xi'an.

Husband and wife, Frank Cai  and Anita Zhang  say wearing matching clothes puts them in a good mood.  “We can take pictures and when we are older we can see ourselves together,” said Zhang.  “Later, we will take our child with us and there will be three people wearing the same clothing.”

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The Source  :  Via CnnGO

The T shirts :

 C-PIX, a Chinese fashion brand that specializes in matching clothing. It has a chain of stores throughout the country. C-PIX (Shaanxi Nan Lu branch), No. 77, Lane 33 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Xinle Lu, +86 21 5404 4182



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