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Moscow | JewelryFebruary 12, 2014

War and Peace “MasterPeace” Collection

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Eugenia Linovich, the designer of the russian label “Masterpeace” presents her new exquisite collection of jewellery. Each piece is an work of art presented in style in the look book of the collection, with an interesting concept – war and peace – military motives mixed with girlish joy, gold embroidery, mink fur and pearls. Here are 10 of the best shots from the new collection of jewellery by Masterpeace.

It is very fascinating to plunge into the world of imagination and master the art of exclusive jewelry creation under the strict designer’s guidance. Old grandmother’s jewelry, Christmas decorations, children’s construction sets, key chains, semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals are waiting in the wings to become a part of beads, bracelets, necklaces, decorative elements of bags, pins and head bands.

Eugenia Linovich creates author jewelry during the past several years. She uses matreshkas instead of boxes, which vary from season to season. Now jewelry by Linovich «lives» in black, pea, marble and New Year’s matreshkas. Sense pill hiding the statements of thinkers, writers, poets, who were able to convert the general world knowledge about life and their own experience in succinct aphorism is attached to each jewel.

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