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San Jose del Cabo | TravelAugust 29, 2010

They Call Me Los Cabos

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The desert is calling:

the Saguaro cactus are warriors that urge me on and Chollas are the armor protecting me.

My patient brothers the puma and falcon show me the way, In the silence, the whistling wind fortifies me.

I take wings and fly.

I am the breeze over whales and shimmering schools of fish,

I'm grilled food with fine wine,

the candle glowing on a loving gesture.

I'm exercise, adventure, a boat, riches,

the best music;

I never weary of all this

I'm flower scents in the garden,

a golf course's expanse of green lawn:

I'm massage,

laughter, a kiss, an embrace.

I'm the firelight on a night of mysteries,

an embroidered aging, an exquisite view.

I'm scorched sand:

I'm cool wet at edge of the sea.

I'm lust for life to its fullest: they call me Los Cabos.

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Source: Cabo Mood/Texts  Carlos Rosas/Caja de Imagenes

Activities: Cabos Adventures

Photos credits courtes : Fish and Blue Whale: Ken Bondy

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