SailAway in Manhattan

by Joelle

If you happen to have a few spear hours in Manhattan on a bright sunny day, don’t hesitate to make that phone call to Captain Paul  and don’t worry if it’s on a short notice. If you make that call,  you will find yourself starting a  breathtaking adventure a few blocks from your hotel or from home if you live in town.

Captain Paul is a US Coast Guard Certified Captain with over 15 years of sailing experience with a great passion for sailing and traveling the world. His boat is stunning, the 49 foot Jeanneau sailing yacht is designed on the inside and out with only the best material available on the market today. Take your friends or family for that ride and bring along maybe a few bagels and if you want to stay light just some sushis and fruits . Stephanie, a lovely blonde from Argentina will elegantly display your meal on a white tray after bringing with a smile  the complementary drink  of your choice.

The experience on the water is truly spectacular especially if you are so used to cruise around blue seas or natural landscapes. This one is quite different . While on  water, you’ll enjoy  unique views , urban landscapes that only Manhattan can provide .  Battery Park, the Freedom tower and the newest sky-rises are the main attractions.

And t if you enjoy so much  the two hours sailing then ask Captain Paul to prepare you  a custom meal  for a candle lit dinner while sailing in front of Lady Liberty with your sweetheart on special occasions or on the Fourth of July fireworks enjoying champagne and delicious hot déuvres .

SailAway NY will take you out for an experience you will never forget.

Paul also holds a 50 ton masters license, is fluent in spanish and graduated from culinary school and has a passion for creating extravagant dishes.

Joelle’s Tips:  Luxury 49ft Sailing Yacht ($ 65 / Person for two hours)

More info mailto:

914-455-4055  NY Harbor


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