Brazilian Vintage at Pierre Berge

by Joelle

Established in the heart of the Sablon area in Brussels since June 2006, Pierre Bergé & associés has embarked upon a new project by dedicating its space to the creation of a new gallery devoted to Design.

After having developed major sales in this domain and created a reputation as the leading auction room in Belgium,  Pierre Bergé & associés is focusing its new gallery on the world of contemporary design and 1910 to 1970  American vintage .  The exhibitions usually explore the work of an artist or shed light on a specific theme.

With a surface area measuring 200 m2, white walls and a mottled grey floor, the gallery welcomes several  of the most popular designers once a year. Parallel to its design gallery and auctions, Pierre Bergé & associés  initiated a design prize ,the Skieven. The prize was awarded for the first time in the second half of 2008 to first-year students from design schools  encouraged to present pieces that have never been shown in the market.

During my stay in Brussels, and luckily for me, the gallery is showcasing an exhibition on American and Brazilian design . Vintage Brazilian furniture of the 1960s is definitely part of the major references in today’s design this is the reason why I am sure, the auction after the show, will ravish Belgian design collectors and amateurs from all over the country.

As per advice of the very kind Marie Le Tallec the company’s associate attache press from Paris , I decide to go and check the several pieces of the  furniture that became so familiar to me during the 25 years I lived in Brazil. At Rio de Janeiro doctor’s offices, Sao Paulo cozy apartments  , beach properties in Ubatuba and fancy boutique hotels in Curitiba now in the heart of the Sablon in Brussels. The furniture of great quality is from major Brazilian designers such the legendary Sergio Rogrigues, Jorge Zalszupin , from the States Milo Baughman and Carlo Hauner among others.

Several intersting factors can be easily noticed ; the love and respect for the wood, as well a s the comfort and simplicity of shapes as to pay respect with pride to the environment and the expression of a national identity. The key words of these very special people is to defend strongly their national treasure,  Amazonas.

Therefore Imbuia, Palissander or Jacaranda often coming from recycling wood, have contributed to authentic creations made with an exceptional execution which has allowed Brazilian furniture to be internationally known, reaching the top.

Having said that, we though it would be interesting to link Brazilian vintage to the talented work of the studio Makkink and Bey. Recognised internationally for his creation guided by recycling, science and poetry, the studio works in a world where techniques and sciences meet the poetry of the object.

Olivia Roussev who is in charge of the Galerie tells me that Pierre Berge & Associes exhibitions are accompanied by a mono-graphic catalog, at the price shown on the label, which is sent to collectors before the inauguration of the event. A website also was created with the possibility of making online purchases.

Joelle’s Tips:

The Gallery: Pierre Berger & Associe – Grand Sablon 40 Grote Zavel,Bruxelles, B1000 Brussels + 32 (02)49 49 90 00


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