Marie-Anne Oudejans’s Bar Palladio

by Joelle

Somehow in the last year or so, all of the world’s most stylish people seemed to have touched down upon Jaipur, India, and decided to stay a while—and get some work done, too. Such is the case for Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans, creator of the runaway-hit fashion label Tocca. Of late Oudejans has been living at Jaipur’s historic (and happening) Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, where she’s been transforming the bar into one of the world’s most fanciful cocktail lounges. It just opened—and goes to show that magical dressmaker details translate well on a grand scale.

Bar Palladio is owned by Barbara Miolini, a Swiss-Italian ex-pat who wanted to introduce an Italian-style lounge in her adopted home. She hired her friend Marie-Anne Oudejans to fully create the wonderland setting. From conception to opening, the project took eight months. “By drawing on royal Mughal style and the feeling of the opulence of the maharajahs from the 20th century, Marie-Anne created a space that pays homage to its Indian surroundings yet feel completely European at the same time,”says Amber-Grey Chiara Knowles, a kids’ fashion designer in Jaipur and Oudejans’ assistant on the project.  Every detail, down to the pillow piping, was designed by Oudejans and fabricated by Jaipur artisans. Vikas Soni of Jeypur Arts painted the interior, including these murals of exotic birds under a tented ceiling.The multi-room bar has many quiet hideaways, including the White Room. Oudejans borrowed her blue and white motifs from classic Indian designs that she translated in an outsized way.

Bar Palladio continues in the garden, newly splashed out with tented banquettes and flaming fire pits. Oudejans plans to continue living in Jaipur, where in addition to working as a fashion consultant, she’s now running Trust and Treasure Heritage, her new design company. Bar Palladio is the outfit’s first project. See Bar Palladio and the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel for more details and reservations. (Remodelista)

Joelle’s Tips:
Bar Palladio

Naran Niwas Palace Hotel 

Marie-Anne  Oudejans

Photos courtesy : Henry Wilson

Fashion Editorial: Couture Rani/ Model: Keisha Lall / Anita-Dongre-Bridal-Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.25.29 PM Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—5-Remodelista gT1hcoGcq2nx Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-166Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—Remodelista Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.25.36 PM Bar-Palladio-water-carafe-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans-Remodelista ad-bridal-04Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—11-RemodelistaBar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—5-Remodelista -ok2ul2e0ODx Anita-Dongre-Bridal-2-campaign Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.26.06 PM ad-bridal-03 Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—8-Remodelista ad-bridal-05 Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-white-room-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans-Remodelista ad-bridal-02 Bar-Palladio-banquette-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—7-Remodelista 51f86ff003ur-bar1.jpg-480x4801-300x300 rcYcIem8f3ex-1 Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—6-Remodelista


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