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Shanghai | Dining & NightlifeJanuary 16, 2012

Bar Rouge Alchemy

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Before leaving New York I was told to check the club Bar Rouge in Shanghai for New Years Eve. because red is my favorite color as well as China's the ideas sounded attractive. I was given the phone number of Eric Touati  Marketing & Sales Director and Antoine Pernet Managing director and called them in advance to make a reservation for the party and fireworks.

A few hours before midnight we have dinner at Travel and Leisure Asia's top 7 restaurant and no.1 Restaurant in China / Miele guide 2011/2012, Mr. and Mrs. Bund Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet ,(I will write another full article about this marvelous restaurant part of the same group of Shanghai's dazzling nightlife Icon, Bar Rouge.

A long line is already set in place. A body guard makes a sign with the blinking of an eye in our direction and very discretely we are transported at the top floor of the prestigious 1900 building on the Bund. This city's hottest venue showcase since it's entrance a combination of high style and a stunning Bund view. Antoine Pernet, the director of Bar Rouge welcomes us with a smile and invites to walk around before we reach our table VIP privileged area overlooking the colorful Pudong view.

Eric comes along greeting us for the new year saying: " Bar Rouge is more than a bar, It is an alchemy - a magic formula that blends the crowd, music, and drinks into a fantastic venue where the night comes alive just wait a few minutes and you will see what this place is all about!

Its timeless location on top of the Bund 18, a heritage building on Shanghai's historic waterfront, adds to the intrigue. Shanghai was the perfect place to start the Bar Rouge adventure," says Pernet.

The Bar Rouge Team introduced to us one by one is totally international I have tested and checked the seven nationalities, eleven languages and five dialects who ensure that any of their clients request gets a tailor-made reply.

To please every thirst, the drinks list is extensive with creative cocktails, premium spirits, and an amazingly big range of Champagne in every size supported by Paul Pairet team.

In summer 2012, a made-to-order sushi bar will be added to Bar Rouge spacious terrace .Topped all of this with a fine selection of Caviar sets, Cuban cigars, and Dom Perignon by the glass, each guest shall be thrilled. "We are always looking for new ideas to please and surprise our clientele," shares Pernet.

The lively electro /house  music is extraordinary, the best I have ever heard, I promise you guys! By the way, you can steam it on iTunes I will insert the link below!!

The crowd is wild , we are all enlaced in the spacious terrace  as one, touched by green laser beams and a central digital clock constantly reminding us like in a dream that we must be awake  and live intensely the first minutes, hours and days of  the new 2012 year.

Slowly  we fall  into the spell of the Champagne, red atmosphere and sound  alchemy  with a gorgeous crowd on comfortable seats where superstar deejays such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, and Dennis Ferrer have been here driving other crowd in total ecstasy.

The place hosted recently an exclusive an unmatched event for the 100 Year Celebration of Champagne Moet & Chandon in China, hosted by actress Scarlett Johansson, the party attracted celebrities and trendsetters of international renown. Bar Rouge was also the scene for the gala of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, with Sir Richard Branson in attendance as the honored guest.

Antoine and Eric confided me that Bar Rouge is considering coming to Brazil. Any ideas dear friends Sao Paulo or Rio? Check their website it is stunning like it's team!

Good job Bar Rouge  and Sarava! See you soon in the land where God and Bossa Nova are Brazilian.!

Joelle's Tips:

The Club: Bar Rouge

7F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai. Tel: 86.21.6339.1199

Recipe for “Grape Temptation”


1 whole apple (sliced), 1 whole Kiwi sliced, Home made cinnamon syrup, Vodka, White wine, Lemon juice,


Shake & double strain...

Garnish with an apple fan, grape pick or cinnamon stick.

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