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by Joelle

phulaybay-infinity-pool-with-talent phulaybay-treatment-area phulaybay-spa-reception phulaybay-vitality-pool phulaybay-infinity-pool phulaybay-japanese-bridge phulaybay-royal-beach-villa-bedroom phulaybay-beach-villa-bedroom phulaybay-royal-beach-villa-pool phulaybay-jampoon Phulay Bay-passion4luxury-10 Phulay Bay-passion4luxury-8 16-royal-beach-villa-indoor-bath phulaybay-sala-srichan-at-night-with-blue-sky phulaybay-jampoon-chef-table phulaybay-lae-layPhulay Bay offers unspoiled views of the naturally rugged shoreline and dramatic limestone karsts, which make up this beautiful part of southern Thailand. I was invited  to explore a lush region of jungles, idyllic isles and awe-inspiring scenery taking pleasure  at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve but most important for 2015 the resort’s new Global Wellness Experts brought to Thailand for a Personalized, Holistic Retreat a bombastic mix.

Those experts are promising to take me into bliss, healing and health against the  stunning backdrop setting of the Andaman Sea.

Under the guidance of world-famous specialists in Raw Food, Passion Mapping, Mind-Body Guidance, and Crystal Sound Healing,  I am  apparently soon to  discover inner peace and beauty each day, while exploring the natural splendor of Southern Thailand and experiencing the most luxurious yet sleek accommodations and of course I imagine full personalized service the way I am expecting.

The series of five-day retreats launches in March 2015 ( 18-22)  with Ani Phyo, a master of Raw Foods, and will continue throughout the year with experiences from global wellness experts.

The award-winning author is also a champion athlete and health & wellness expert. Phyo the world’s leading author on detox, raw food, Passion/wellness, and fitness,  has written seven award-winning and best-selling books, including “Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast,” “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials,” and “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen,” which was awarded “Best Vegetarian Cookbook USA 2007? by Gourmand International and honestly I can’t wait to  attend her Mastery Raw Food and Detox Certification Courses to help me  learn how to make delicious, healthy food at home and impress my husband at once!

The course designed specifically for Phulay Bay’s guests are to inspire healthy life mastery with raw foods  along with Ani’s eco-green living, healthy lifestyle, and detox philosophy. The integration of the freshest local ingredients into easy, fast recipes will  be combined and plated in numerous ways for elegant and delicious everyday meals.

On May 1-5, Kamonwan (Nok) Khamching, the  Kundalini Yoga and Mapping  Life Transformation Specialist with many years of experience in holistic healing, life and wellness  is supposed to blow my body-mind and transform my poor Manhattan soul in a total new me that will connect with my true passion.( How will that happen I still don’t know as I have a full plate!)

I am assured she developed a profound interest in spirituality when she started to read and study the essence of Buddhism at a young age, and later began a journey of personal transformation and embarked on a successful career transition from corporate management to holistic healing in Melbourne.

Passion Mapping enables guests to connect with their passions, attain clarity into priorities and values, and move forward with a deep sense of self and purpose. It is complemented by Kundalini Yoga, the original and complete form of yoga, a transformative practice that aligns the body and mind.

In August 5 -7 Per Van Spall a  Mind-Body Guide who, following a successful corporate career, attended the Arthur Findlay College in London for the Advancement of Psychic Sciences and worked for the Deep Democracy Institute in San Francisco for facilitation in process work and conflict resolution. Equipped with an understanding of the complexity of life, Per will promote physical well-being and spiritual growth by giving guidance on the intended life path.

Van Spall leads a retreat at Phulay Bay focused on Body-Mind guidance, which assists people in recognizing rationalism and utilizing their intuition. Without touching the body, the magnetizing energy in Van Spall’s hands removes blockages from the body and stimulates the body’s natural internal energy flow (Qi) to ultimately achieve relaxation and self-healing. This, combined with his ability to intuitively get to the heart of mental blockages, results in changing life patterns for the better and creating a sense of self-awareness as well as stimulating the alignment of the mental, emotional, and physical body. The energy work and guidance sessions are designed to treat stress, emotional traumas, and physical issues, leaving guests revitalized and balanced with reclaimed inner peace and determination.

October 20-25, Khun Noom, Crystal Sound Healing
Khun Noom has practiced different modalities of healing for more than 10 years throughout the world. While volunteering at an orphan’s home Thailand, she first met with her master who taught her how to play the crystal singing bowl. She is a Yoga instructor and Meditation leader, a therapist of Thai massage, artist in cupping techniques, and a specialist in foot Reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage.

Using the healing qualities of crystal singing bowls, Khun Noom will assists guests to heal ailments of the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a powerful awakening and transformation. Guests experience several therapeutic methods including Crystal Sound Healing, a vibration medicine that uses sound vibration to help reduce stress, alter consciousness, and create a deep sense of peace and well being; Crystal Chakra Balancing to balance energy centres, or chakras, holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to increase feelings of wellbeing, neutralizing negativity, and lifting depression; Mindfulness Breathing, which purifies, regulates, and activates the flow of energy channels; and Sound Meditation to heal the mind, body, and soul.

“We are thrilled to partner with such prolific and world-renowned experts in the wellness field, and bring their unique talents to our guests to create an opportunity for self discovery at Phulay Bay,” told me the General Manager Carlos Tarrero on the phone. “The incredible natural beauty of Krabi will inspire you and we hope your readers on their journey toward wellbeing and will provide a serene backdrop for these holistic seminars.”

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