Dolce Far Niente at Delphina Hotels & Resorts

by Joelle

Since I was a child, the  Italian island of Sardinia has always been one of my most favorite destination  for the Summer. Especially the Costa Smeralda where I stayed with my family for two long weeks that lasted in my heart like a glimpse of a second. Time through have changed, and with the arrival of globalization, certain places unfortunately are today lacking of their original core.  Soon in my book, you will have the opportunity to find out more about Costa Smeralda at its peak during the seventies and eighties. But let’s focus on the pleasant surprise  while  exploring a side of Sardinia I didn’t quite know yet. Palau, and Santa Teresa di Gallura a region that for years was known for its authentic charm, crystalline sea waters and untouched natural landscape.

But in the Northern Sardinian coast and Gallura  everything remained as genuine as I knew it thirty years ago thanks to a relatively new hospitality group in the region, the Delphina Hotels & Resorts.   With a variety of destinations they group has luckily  different options  to offer to traveler. Gallura has a long-standing reputation for traditional Sardinian hospitality and, at Delphina, they have captured this spirit of the land and shared it across their resorts.  Being a sea aficionado, I enjoyed mostly Delphina’s  dedication to Sardinian Thalassotherapy – the practice of using sea water as a form of therapy. With this natural resource at their fingertips, we were  guaranteed  during our whole stay a first class, veritable experience.

Their superb collection  includes the  Resort Valle Dell ‘Erica Thalasso & SPA  a relaxing spa haven , the  Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA  if you like to indulge in nature walks, boat excursions and horse riding.  The Park Hotel & SPA Cala Di Lepre mostly for families focused on beach life , the Thalasso and Spa Centre at the Hotel Relax Torreruja Thalasso & SPA are all  the perfect place to unwind.

I picked the Hotel Capo D’Orso, Thalasso & Spa  in my opinion their most representative flagship nestled  in a privileged and unrivalled location amidst a stunning natural environment where every care is taken to respect the surroundings and protect it for generations for holidaymakers to enjoy.

The delicious, fresh cuisine  the core of any Sardinian holiday and it’s wonderful  Chefs took our tastebuds on a culinary adventure as they presented in person modern interpretations of the island’s traditional dishes as Sardinia offers visitors an array of gastronomic specialities from the ancient cooking traditions of the shepherds to the sea food specialities of the coast.

The set up is romantic and intimate, the staff pleasant and stylish, nature at its best, definitely, I truly recommend it like my  Summer home.

Joelle’s Picks:

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