Cycladic Summer Home

by Joelle

Situated in the island of Syros, this summer house hosts a family of four and their guests. In contrast to the neighbouring Syros I residence, the steep and intense topography dominated the design process. The design process was defined by the clients’ desire to maximize the view of the Plagia bay.

A massive staircase leads to a gradual descent from the top towards the house, intensifying the experience of the cycladic landscape. The entrance is surrounded by the higher volumes of the main areas of the house, ending the descent path, then opening immediately to an ample view of the Aegean.

Programmaticaly, the house is clearly divided into the clean and square volume of the common areas (living room, kitchen) and the partially buried rectangular volume of the bedrooms. The guesthouse is also buried inside the slope, defined by a stone wall that is typical of the local archihtecture. The main volume is characterized by a free floor plan, allowing the continuous view of the outside and offering a cosy living space near the fireplace. The outdoor common spaces include two open “courtyards” shielded from the sun and the central part of the court, open to sunbathing and the children’s plays. ( Archi Daily)

Joelle Tips:


Design team: Sotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou, Dora Felekou, Anna Perela
Interior design: Katja Margaritoglou
Built Area: 201,29m²
Status: Completed (2014)
Photography: Erieta Attali, Ioanna Roufopoulou

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