2 Days at Fregate Island Private

by Joelle

Fir those who have seen it all, there is one  last madness on earth : To offer myself a slice of life on Fregate Island.

Art 30 minutes of helicopter from Mahe, the island of Palace. The turtles, Mister Friday, the midnight baths and silence, all reign supreme.

The sign ” Busy” or”  Free ” means that someone has installed himself on the beach.

Pristine sand beaches white as snow 7 main ones , majestic rocks, and sensual shapes , and earth that still smells the last few drops or rain best describe this Robinson Crosue paradise,

On these beaches one does not need the last fashionable bathing suite, or any other reference from the  “Other World”.

A few friends will join me by boat ( 2 hours from Mahe) while I am on the way of finding my inner meaning voyage. Simply, as I was told, the philosophy of this adventure.

Everything started 20 years ago,. A German tycoon of agro nutrition buys this jewel island. Those kind of crazy things we love when we do not matter anymore to on one. Possibly a child n which we invent a new world,  a  fantasy, initially designed for angels that  like to play around the the sun rays. He then built a grand villa, a runaway to land and 16 villas with facilities to host his friends with dignity.

His wealth is a large as his generosity towards the Seychelles inhabitants therefore he decides to offer his vision of chic to a deserved price for whoever decides to enjoy part of the year on the principal villa. A  superb spa is also created for the new comers. Another fantastic project runs into his mind, an authentic agrotoxic farm that groes tomatoes, avocados, salads, corn, pineapples, and basil served on the gastronomical restaurant . He does it and does it well.

The third project,  is to to transform Fregate into a  nature sanctuary where enormous centenary sea turtles , thousands of birds that elected the island as their home,and as many fish and crustacea that frequent those  waters will find that terrain intact. For that a sophisticated system of  residual  waste recycle  , mini electric and super  silent cars next to each villa were set in place. The result of this magical effort has become the Seychelles island refined  model of hospitality and the perfect place for me to explore!

Each villa is composed by two pavillons.One is alarge bedroom overlooking the ocean with two bathrooms, one indoor and the other outdoor,and the other is a relaxing area, with HD falst reen TV, mo3 , a library, wifi and a game room. All of it in a perfect intimacy, without forgetting an outdoor massage bed, the private jacuzzi, and a preety ceiling made of raffia braids. Feel like going anywhere else, may be after…Now I have two days. In the meantime,  I am quite busy as my schedule is packed:

9 AM Explore 7 or more different beaches with or without a small plane,  1230 PM pass your PAD certifications, 3PM picnic on top of a hill under a bamboo tent, 6PM massage in the suite 9PM Private dinner on our pavilion.!) Enjoy a classic  a movie in the terrace overlooking the stars.

8AM scuba dive the afternoon when all is quite  10AM enjoy a private breakfast by the pool  ,4PM fishing , 7PM small boutique, 730 PM  watch the sunset at thea cozy bar, 9PM  dine deliciously the gastronomical restaurant,  11 PM and the moonlight perfect to walk hand in hand switching the board into Private!


Joelle’s Picks:

Frégate Island Private, Mahé, Seychelles


Approximately 7.000 Euros / per week per person






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