Hydroponic Farming is Art

by Joelle

Generally when you arrive in hotel room, you are received with a fruit basket. It hasn’t been the case at CuisinArt Resort in Anguilla.

Believe it or not,  together with a charming note from the manager, we received  a ceramic bowl filled with bright red heirloom small tomatoes that tasted  rather like candies than a veggie, ups sorry a fruit.) Everyone know that tomatoes are fruits and not veggies right?)

Unique for a Resort and the first of its kind in the Caribbean, the Hydroponic Farm is an important component to CuisinArt and serves as the basis for all the culinary inspirations. Hydroponics saves water through the use of recirculation systems and drip irrigation; we recycle the drainage from the greenhouse to feed the outdoor landscape plants. This 18,000 square-foot greenhouse was engineered to withstand winds up to 110 mph, and the crops can be grown all season, regardless of outside weather conditions. The farm contains two lettuce ponds and a bato bucket system for vine crops like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplant. A-frames are used for herbs and lettuce, maximizing the number of plants in an area. Raised beds contain herbs, lettuce and peppers, and plant towers are used for bok choy and herbs.

Try the restaurants, including Tokyo Bay and you will taste the especially grown marvels from the farm.


Joelle’s Picks:

For more information about hydroponics, visit Dr. Resh’s website at

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