Nobu Suite Where Modern Glamour Meets Traditional Japan

by Joelle

Last November at the occasion of my Niece’s wedding I stayed at the Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach and had the privilege to sleep in one of the most gorgeous suites the city has to offer.

Inspired by the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park in Tokyo the Nobu 400 sir ft suite includes a separate and cozy living as well as a small bar and pantry .  Every day after a long rain shower on a teak bench and lavish Italian marble  I enjoyed  strategically positioned  280 degrees sunset views of the vibrant  Biscayne Bay intercostal waterway and part of the ocean. In traditional Zori slippers I walked on a light gray rug depicting  clouds around rice sake lamps enhancing a vanilla silverfish wallpaper of cherry trees behind my bed.  Meant to be experienced as the structural beauty of a Japanese beach house,  I cherished the space  as paradise.

The 21-floor hotel is an architectural masterpiece designed by the famed Morris Lapidus in 1956. It harkens back to the glamour of 1950s- and ’60s-era Hollywood, when greats like Elizabeth Taylor, Liberace, Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart stayed at the hotel.

David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group , the leading  design of the Nobu Hotel’s interiors, ensured that some of the Morris Lapidus characteristics of the Eden Roc were preserved

Nobu Hospitality was founded by Robert DeNiro, Meir Teper, Chef Nobu, Struan McKenzie and Trevor Horwell, all superstars in their respective fields of film, food, finance and bespoke hospitality (hotels). Nobu at Eden Roc is the flagship property in their growing worldwide portfolio of restaurants and hotels stretching across five continents.

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The comfortable Intracoastal suite at the Nobu Eden Rock hotel designed by Rockwell group

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