Mazayoshi Takayama NYC Priciest Chef

by Joelle

According Luxury Listings, NYC who ranked the 10 priciest costs of dinner in the city , admittance to  chef Mazayoshi Takayama’s  flagship Maza opened 10 years ago at the Time Warner Center on the Upper East Side has an extraordinary admittance of $450 a person per person before tax, tip, drinks and supplemental ingredients like Kobe beef. I can read the question in your mind: Is it worth?  According  Larry Gagosian ” the great white shark of the art world”  it is and to prove it he even invites Takayama  ” Dalai Lama of American sushi ” to partner with him launching a few months ago  a brand new restaurant, Kappa Maza at the  lower level of his Madison Avenue gallery  reached by walking down an elegant staircase lined with Richard Prince prints.

Takayama’s  Zen escapes  in the middle of a bursting Manhattan, offer a sense of peace and tranquility  to start with and that is already priceless to start with . Wether you pick the seared tuna and watercress salad dressed with thinly sliced ribbons of beetroot and the lightest miso-infused vinaigrette, sided by an architectural arrangement of Persian cucumber tataki doused with chilli cilantro verde or  scoop of toro, topped with a spherical colony of caviar the size of a golf ball you will always feel Takayama’s  personified focus . His food conveys concentration, clarity and the essence of mastery.

The name Kappo Masa reflects the techniques of grilling, stewing, steaming, braising and frying (kappo), and a traditional Kappo chef is a master of all of these culinary disciplines. If you can’t go several times a week try it at least once. My favorite because I am Italian? Pasta with Branzino. It’s a must!

Joelle’s Tips

Kappo Masa,

976 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 (+1212-906 7141)





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