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Mykonos | HotelAugust 9, 2012

Mykonos Grand

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And yes, the time has finally come after one long year to meet with mr Panayiotis Dactilidis in Mykonos with whom I have corresponded during the winter. The sun is striking hot in the dark blue sky and soon it's going to be the magic hour when the sun will be setting and I do not want to be late.

The large and comfortable bus with air conditioning is waiting for us. We have rented a conversible Golf  and the driver will take care of our luggage and show us the way to the hotel . I am exited, at last soon " home" .

And this temporary new home, commanding a breathtaking view over the turquoise waters of the Aegean,  is called Mykonos Grand , located on the beach of Agios Yannis, just 4.2 kmts from Mykonos Town.

We have arrived at destination. The  entrance of the lobby area in white Thassos , the most rare  and luxurious of the Grrek marbles is refreshing and welcoming. We are greeted by several pretty receptionists dressed in neat blue and white uniforms leading us to the VIP room  overlooking a stunning view of the sea. Georgia the head of guest relation is waiting for us with two drinks.

Welcome to Mykonos Grand!-  she says handing the glass -  Mykonos island is situated on one of the most beautiful Greek Island as you might have noticed and all of us here at the Grand are looking forward to assist you to an unforgettable experience starting to introduce you to a jewel of the Aegean Sea combining the beauty of the Cyclades with the pleasure of a cosmopolitan gateway.

As you can appreciate, the island of Delos in front of us, opposite to our resort was one of the reveled religious centers of the ancient greek world. So please follow me and get inspired , sunset is soon to come and we have set on your private terrace everything you need to relax before dinner time.  I will meet you tomorrow morning at breakfast time to manage all your reservations. Mr Panayiotis will wait for your call at your convenience for a freindly drink during your stay.

And with a smile she leaves, and with a smile I breath history  in the company of a delicious Mastika liquor and  in prayers thanking the Greek Gods.

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The Hotel: Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Mykonos, Aegean Islands

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