Health is Happiness at Pure Vida Bar

by Joelle

One early morning after a long and relaxing swim at the ocean , I checked ( as usual at that time) my Instagram feeds in the elevator on my way up to my room. An impressive picture of neatly organized fruit bowl with acai, caught my attention. I checked the account, googled its’s location for find out with great joy that morning that it would be my luck day. Pure Vida the health bar, was located at aproximately 15 minutes drive from the hotel where I was staying.

“Health is the main ingredient to happiness ” says Omer Horev Pure Vida founder and CEO ow when I asked him to tell me about this wonderful and so colorful project.   ” … so we made it our mission to serve nutrient-rich wholesome ingredients that fuel your body and actually satisfy your hunger cravings. Creating the deliciously unexpected for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 2008.”

What they serve? You would want to know, and as I did day after day for a week, my husband and I returned committed to try the entire menu before we headed back to a less healthy diet in New York.

So we started with the house special raw organic bowls.  The Signature Acai  made with raw organic Brazilian acai and banana blended into a smooth puree. Topped with granola and fresh seasonal fruit and the  little lighter and less caloric raw organic dragon fruit blended with banana and topped with mango, kiwi, bananas, granola, almonds and coconut , were our favorites. While enjoying those, I made sure to take with me a spicy roasted salmon wrap with organic quinoa, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, homemade guacamole and fresh herbs served with gluten-free multigrain chips and the delicious slightly sweatened Pura Vida sauce on the side . My husband who is Israeli picked a  chopped romaine, spinach, hummus, avocados, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, black olives, red onions and chickpeas also tossed in Pura Vida dressing.  Every morning my husband and I sipping the usual Loco Coco (Mango and Coconut smoothie) cappuccinos and a shared a vegan chocolate chip cookie,  religiously packed our  picnics from Pure Vida and weather permitting headed  to the beach  or to some art exhibit at the Perez Museum.

” We serve super foods so you can have super powers! Says Omer

Well you are right,  that’s a stretch Joni,  there are no instant super power effects, but one thing I agree for sure , but your body and minds feel better and more energized , from juices and smoothies to raw organic bowls and wraps tea are raising to degree of true happiness, one Pura Vida at a time.

Pura Vida
110 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
South Beach





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