Journey to Heaven at Tierra Santa

by Joelle

Not a coincidence but I like everything related to worship  and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach’s spa,  called Tierra Santa which is Spanish for “holy land,” or “holy ground is my kind of Miami’s holy grral.

It also happens to be the name of Faena House Owner Alan Faena‘s estate in Punte del Este, Uruguay. A departure from most Asian-inspired spas, Tierra Santa borrows its ethos from South American healing techniques where shamans (healers) utilize energy work and spirits to repair both the body and soul.

As you enter the spa, you are welcomed by a 700-rose bouquet  (Alan’s favorite flowers) at the reception desk. While you wait for your ” Tree of Life”  treatment with therapist Claudia  step on a bold striped rug and pick one of  the boho vibe-embroidered puffs created by Argentine designer Carolina K (curator of the spa boutique) to rest your feet.  Drink some hot tea from the low reclaimed wood table and your lower back nestled between two hand embroidered in Mexico pillows  look up and check the a gigantic  chandelier. It composed of kaleidoscopic fishing lures and wander how can someone be so blissfully creative . Interior Designers Baz Luhrmann who created the visual masterpieces of Moulin Rouge and the 2013 update of The Great Gatsby , his wife, Catherine and Alan’s wife, Ximena, wanted the spa to radiate an authentically South American ambience.

It’s time you saunter into the wet area and join in a ritual of shaving a soap sliver from an enormous block of soap boasting heady notes of lavender, chamomile, white fir and cardamon. Pick your purifying scrubs, comprised of maca and guarana or palo santo and buriti, await selection at the reception area before the choice of healing white, black, or green clays presents itself.  Self-purified now choose the room with a green-lit slab of Amazonite stone room and expect to receive good vibes as  the semi-precious stone symbolizes courage and balances both male and female energies.

Rest in the terrace and meditate about  “Gone But Not Forgotten.”   also the title of Faena’s House crown jewel —  Damien Hirst sculpture . Coated in gold, the mammoth’s skeleton is priced at a whopping $18 million The mammoth is enclosed in a hurricane-proof glass box and must be air conditioned, too.

For Shamans, the spine is the anchor of the body  so you are now  seeking to restore your body’s frequency, enhanced by a heated sand bed, Brazilian Rose stones on the main spinal tension points, and a warmed singing bowl to retune the body. The lower back is the focus of this unique healing treatment Tension will be released from your lower back to the entire body.

And with a deep muscle massage focusing on key zones of tension , the South American healing muds, alongside genuine Chilean lapis lazuli believed  to enhance intuitive powers any residual ache and tensions are now vanquished with a rose-infused oceanfront soak.

Palo Santo ,a sacred South American tree , is believed to be divinely gifted with the ability to banish evil and restore well-being with its scent alone.  End your journey with the Palo Santo and Sound Bowls treatment massage , while body oil derived from the sacred hardwood  will harmonize with seven warmed sound bowls and readjust the body’s frequency into one of healing.

They say the Tree of Life is only met in heaven – you ‘ll think  as you’ll relax  in the terrace overlooking ‘Gone But Not Forgotten ‘ , Damien Hirst’ $18 million  golden mammoth’s skeleton enclosed in an air conditioned- hurricane-proof glass box, but you won’t really agree because your passport to heaven was just stamped  here at “Tierra Santa”- Holy ground – Miami  . You can now unfasten your seat belt.





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