Tuscan Spa

by Joelle

Every time I must leave a place, an unpleasant feeling of nostalgia and emptiness takes over my physical body and spirit, especially if I had a great time and experienced new insights.

I have a few hours before my last dinner at the Villa. I decide to pack.  I organize my catalogs, books, BlackBerry, computers, wine and olive oil gifts, licorice sticks, Aqua di Cologna, pretty notebooks and cards. I decide to isolate myself and meditate as I always do every time a trip is over.

It’s always questioning a new way I will approach everything I have seen, the people — always so interesting — that I have met, and the way I will assimilate it in order to be able to write, respecting as well as I can the truth of my insights and the reality inside the lives of the local people and their culture.

The Naduska spa is just beyond the Giardino della Scultura among the Tuscan landscape of vineyards and olive trees. Only such a spectacular environment could offer the perfect sanctuary for the relaxation I need at this moment. A little rejuvenation won’t hurt.

As I go down the stairs of a little doorway, almost inaccessible due to the heavy leafy plants around it, I hear a calming noise of running water. Wow!!!! What am I seeing? What an amazing, long pool. Maybe only two meters wide, just perfect for a Nymphea to swim by herself.

I slowly immerse my hand to get a warm sensation of perfectly heated temperature but suddenly the water color changes from gray to purple, the color of spiritual transformation, then to aquamarine, the color of hope and relaxation…to a Burnt Sienna color of visualization and positive energy… This pool, inspired by the roman baths, changes color every few minutes.

I get changed into a tiny Brazilian bathing suit, swim for a while, then step into the Jacuzzi. In the relaxation area, there are all kind of herbal teas, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazines from Paris, London, and Milan. Surrounded by suggestive lighting and mosaics, I feel in a kind of underground temple.

There is some kind of magic in the atmosphere, maybe extreme relaxing solitude. Without realizing it, I have gently closed my eyes, abandoning myself to the sound of the running water through a composition of Tuscan stones and Fior di Pesco Carnicio blocks of marble from Carrara in subtle peach color. Very rare my friends!

I decide to indulge myself with a relaxing massage with the Officina dei Tornabuoni Princess Viki aroma therapeutic oil. You won’t believe the active ingredients it contains! Want to hear it? Bisabolol, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Rice bran oil, Olive oil, Calendula, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Chamomile extract.

The treatment room is darkly lit, not far from the gym and the old cellars. Its ceiling has very, very old bricks all around Gelsomino (jasmine) scented candles and two massage beds where I am immediately asked in a soft Italian voice to lay down and forget where I am… How can I?

The warm oil on my skin fills every pore and the pure non-greasy blend of food-quality cold-pressed oils of Sweet Almond, Avocado, Rice bran, Olive, and Calendula, along with nourishing Shea butter and soothing Chamomile made me absolutely forget where I was for one hour.

These natural therapeutic products are locally produced using mostly plants and herbs from the Tuscan countryside. The holistic, total approach to beauty and well-being enables my mind and my body that soothing inspiration that I needed.

Last step, the Turkish-style sauna. All Italian marble mosaics from Bisazza, color changes alternating with each other according to the different intensitys of the vapors. I brought my camera, it’s in the pocket of my robe.. I will never be able to capture what I am seeing; there is too much steam. Et voila, it’s done!

I am now ready to leave dear Naduska — named, by the way, after the owner’s fiancee; I will meditate and also ask for a spa named after me from my new and next love relationship. (I’ve always thought you get inspiration on your travels!!) Oh… and in order to reinforce this through the law of attraction technique, I am taking with me from the Naduska Spa, the Oficina de Tornabuoni Love – Aromatherapy Shower Gel Collection: L – relaxing, O – Sensuality, V – Revitalizing, E – Harmony. And then just watch!

Arriverderci Villa Mangiacane. Thank you for having me and please check out my roundabouts in the Florentine Lifestyle edition newsletter. I will certainly mention you!


Joelle’s Tips:

The Spa:

Naduska SpaVilla Mangiacane– Via Faltignano 4,
San Casciano 50026 Firenze Italia
for reservations :
Tel No. +39 055 8290123
Fax No. +39 055 8290358
E-mail : info@mangiacane.it

Holistic therapeutic and beauty products from Tuscany :

Officina de’ Tornabuoni Sas Loc. Migliarina 52021, Bucine (AR), Italy.

Tel. 0039.055.9180643 Fax .0039.9180699 P.IVA 01816130510


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