Ze’ev, the Israeli Healer

by Joelle

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It’s been more than a month that I have been coughing non-stop. After catching pneumonia in Brazil, I have been on antibiotics, drinking Robitussin syrup with codeine from the bottle as though it was one of the oldest Black Label whiskeys, taking Tylenol Cold pills, acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese medicine and every other treatment you can imagine.  None of these could put me back on my feet.

I regularly consult with a friend, mentor, teacher, astrologist and Cabbalist in Canada who said to me, “Maaaay-be it’ s time to see Ze’ev for that pneumonia.”

“All right,” I said, “Who is Ze’ev?”  “He does bio-energetic healing, my dear apprentice!” I very much trust my friend Joseph-Marc’s advice, so I decide to hit 57th Street and 6th Avenue the same day I receive the precious recommendation. As soon as I arrive at the very old building, the door of Suite 630 is wide open and I hear a man with a very strong Sabra accent (born in Israel) trying hard to explain to a patient secretary the damage to his upholstered couch when he registers my arrival in his room.

He takes a look at me, pauses, and speaks Hebrew, asking me if I could translate into English words like  “scratch” and other words describing an unpleasant event with a person that rented his apartment in Miami. I find myself helping with a bad translation in this unfortunate venture for more than half an hour while he literally obliges me to watch a never-ending video of testimonials from people all around the globe whose lives were saved by his healing techniques. I try several times to tell him that it’s okay, I believe all of what these people say, and I want to move on with my personal illness. After a few negotiations regarding the need to watch it all, the man finally agrees with me that it’s about time to get to his room and check me out.

He asks the secretary to take a quick picture of my aura, makes a joke about how smiling in front of a camera won’t hurt and decides to gaze with his well-trained eye deeply, intensely and gravely into the inner realm of my soul, spirit and aura, looking for the absence or weakness of energy in it. In a trance, he talks about one of my ancestors’ spiritual protection and the different color nuances of my karmically wounded and recovered aura. No question about my pneumonia, he does not want to hear about it, it is not important he says. He orders me to lie on a hammock, warns me about the possibility of unimportant feather sensations on my skin’s surface, and does his bio-energetic work on top of my anxious-to-be-free of-cough body. I try to open my eyes and catch the famous warm feathers with my hand, but I see no feathers, only feel the sensation of them.

Ze’ev says that we were all born with a blue aura and that over time, through our life actions, mental activities and emotions, the aura gets abused by different kinds of negative and heavy energies, including the one that in Mediterranean countries is called the evil eye. While he asks me gently to wake up, I am comfortably dreaming in an intense deep and relaxing semi-trance state where nothing in the world is worth thinking or worrying about in my ethereal template. I finally stand up, quickly answer a phone call and suddenly realize that I was literally breathing again, yes I hadn’t realized that due to fear of coughing my lungs were not taking in as much oxygen as they should have for so long.

I ask him few questions regarding energy fields in relation to my personal and professional life, and with the pragmatism of a good Jewish father, he decides that I need a boyfriend, one that he wants to introduce me to. A soul like yours cannot be alone!!! He says while scribbling something in the books that he wants to offer me. “But Ze’ev, don’t you see that I am a free spirit?” Ze’ev answers with his most Jewish sense of humor, “If I saw everything my name would not be Ze’ev, but Messiah!”

Ze’ev Kolman devoted his life to healing the sick with his extraordinary gift of bio-energetic healing. His advocates include physicians, scholars, psychologists, Hollywood’s most prominent stars, and celebrities like Gina Lollobrigida, John Denver, Kathy Lee and Regis, Pavarotti, Barbara Streisand, Steven Segal, Madre Tereza de Calcutta, Melanie Griffith, Raquel Welch, senators and politicians around the world, including some European royal families.

Kolman heals people from cancer, strokes, women’s fertility and reproductive issues, immune system disorders, allergies, physical stress, psychological traumas and mental illness, eye, ear, breathing issues, back pains, lungs, problems with no psychological reasons, and many other serious illnesses projecting his bioenergetic electromagnetic force, or life force, from his hands into the patient’s energy field, in order to correct the imbalance causing the disease, he often works with physicians where conventional medicine (directed to heal only the body) has failed. He currently holds several workshops every other month about self-healing and protection against psychic attacks and disease prevention, by teaching how to restore the aural energetic field to its original blue and healthy state.

If you have any specific questions about Ze’ev Kolman’ s self healing workshops or healing at distance (absent healing) feel free to write to me or to the address below.

Related Links:

The official website: http://www.Zeevkolman.net/about.shtml
Call Ze’ev’s office at 212-245-1715
The fax number is 212-265-8839
The email address is : zeevkolman@gmail.com

Or, if you prefer, write him at his mid-Manhattan office:
Ze’ev Kolman
250 West 57th Street, Suite 630
New York, NY 10107

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