VOIP Service on my Rolls

by Joelle
VOIP Service on my Rolls

I am running late and still need to do so much. At the Park Hyatt the last luggage is finally downstairs at the lobby.

While I am counting all the pieces I hear a voice coming from my back” Mr Maslaton Joelle?” I turn around, it’s a very cute short young man in a  gold buttoned white uniform, white gloves, black glasses and a pretty hat with the name Peninsula embroidered in Gold .

This is  certainly on of the highlight of my trip in China. I greet the gentleman with enormous joy while he starts taking my suitcases to the car.  The Car?  The car is  the bespoke  four extended wheelbase last generation Rolls-Royce Phantom signature Peninsula Brewster Green.

On my way back, apparently I am told by the driver that I will be able to choose among  six Peninsula Edition BMW 7 series cars and the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom  arrived last year .

Continuing to be a pioneer and industry leader in the development of innovative technology, The Peninsula Shanghai introduces complimentary wireless service and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service for making free telephone calls in its private fleet of bespoke luxury limousines.

Once on board, I am handed a few newspapers, hot towels , water and champagne for my 20 minutes ride and learn about  the new service introduced by the hotel  that enables travellers to enjoy complimentary wireless broadband Internet connectivity at all times while travelling with the fleet, whether it be to and from the Pudong or Hongqiao airports or within the city.

The complimentary VOIP service also enables guests to make free domestic and international calls while on the move. Rolls-Royces also come complete with a notebook computer just in case hotel guests are not travelling with one. The opportunity to have portable connectivity throughout their journey is expected to enhance the productivity and convenience of the hotel guests.

I decide then to call my mum in Europe, my kids in Brazil,  my housekeeper in New York, my friends in Shanghai , and Skype with my website  technology experts in Israel. I did save so much time and of course money right?

“As many of our guests lead busy and dynamic lives, they are increasingly concerned about having continuous access to remain in touch with business associates or loved ones. With this new service, we provide visitors and executives on the move the convenience of remaining connected with their offices and families at all times while staying with us,” says Joseph Chong, General Manager, The Peninsula Shanghai.

Guests who utilise wireless connectivity in The Peninsula Shanghai’s vehicles do not need data cards nor special software as the system automatically detects the available wireless Internet device. The connectivity is compatible with all wireless enabled devices, including laptops, mobile telephones and PDAs.

Bingo! I am now ready for the magic Peninsula experience and  for some relaxing afternoon  tea.


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