Medicine Street

by Joelle

Most traditional medicine stores cater solely to the practice of Chinese herbal medicine, with some cures dating back 2,000 years. The medicinal stock, however, includes much more than roots and plants. Take a look inside one of Hong Kong’s many medicinal shops and you’ll find a bewildering array of jars and drawers containing everything from ginseng and deer’s horn to fossilized bones , animal teeth dried sea horse, lizard urchin, starfish or even fish stomach are excellent remedies from sickness, promoting good digestion, and burst your immune system,

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If you have the privilege to stay at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai overlooking the magnificent Bund you will quite appreciate at a few steps close the millenary art of keeping healthy through the world’s oldest soft style martial art known as Tai chi ch’uan. It’s very important though to wake up very early in the morning to practice your Chi correctly.

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