Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!

by Joelle


Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!Daily Lives with my Top 7 Gurus Lucky Me!

Durning these unprecedented times, one thing is for sure…we need to stay spiritually active! “It is not by reading two or three scriptures that we are going to be spiritual…”  says Sadhguru on You Tube live last week.  “This is an ongoing process.” The virus is telling us that above all else, we must have a robust immune system, then comes the rest.  Our immune system is boasted by our thoughts and feeling. Our inner world our best defence.  Sadhguru, Deepak Chopra and many of my favorite spiritual teachers come forward this month on daily talks and podcasts, armed with powerful advice to enhance our lives, ground us in the difficult time, whilst encouraging us to breathe in our potential.

As a response to COVID-19,  I  have religiously introduced daily morning walks to my routine. I cherish my two hour walks around the trees of Central Park, where I breathe in the fountains of wisdom from my favourite teachers.  Never has the breath been so important!

It was difficult to make a selection, but here below are some of my favorite ones.

1. The Spiritual Teacher –  Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle widely recognized as one of the  most original and inspiring spiritual teachers of our time is definitely one of my favorite Gurus. With a great sense of humor, his profound yet simple and practical teachings have can help you find inner peace, healing and greater fulfillment in your life clearing your  thoughts of fear and anxieties with  just a few words. bringing you back to the reality of Now. .  Eckhart is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition, but excludes none.  At the core of his teachings lies the transformation of individual and collective human consciousness – a global spiritual awakening. Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of Now, a #1 New York Times Bestseller, which has been translated into 32 languages and become one of the most influential spiritual books of our time. In his most recent book, A New Earth, he shows how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Check out some of our other playlist: Meditation – https://bit.ly/2QkG5uU Our True Identity – https://bit.ly/2COKGTo Supporting Awakening – https://bit.ly/2O4M6dW Daily Life – https://bit.ly/2O70SRp Conversations with Guests – https://bit.ly/2MiB2Ig

Eckhart’s New Book

2. The Yogui, Mystic and Visionary   – Sadhguru

Jaggi Vasudev, generally referred to as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi and author. Every morning at 9 am I listen to his talk. It generally starts with a  comment based on the most recent news on the world ‘s COVID-19 pandemic. Vasudev established Isha Foundation, which has been involved in various activities in the field of spirituality, education, and environment. The organization has been subject to mixed reception Sadhguru is a Yogi, Mystic and Visionary. Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru’s daily words touch your life through his transformational program suggestion where through  sharp criticism he advise us to improve 20% in any area of our lives during the quarantine lockdown period.( I took upon myself a two hours morning walk and a daily fast of 16 hours.  Sadhguru has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers powerful and proven methods for self-transformation. An internationally renowned speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums including the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, addressing issues as diverse as socioeconomic development, leadership and spirituality. He is regularly invited to speak at leading educational institutions including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, Wharton and MIT. Dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of humanity, Sadhguru possesses a perspective on life and living that never fails to intrigue, challenge and surprise all those he encounters. “The nature of life is such, opposites of love & hate, turmoil & tranquility, life & death – and now in the face of the virus, becoming strong or vulnerable – are all packed in the same package. It’s only a question of what you pick” Twitter -April 15th 2020 . Download Sadhguru’s  App   Sadhguru’s New Book

3. The  Quantum Doctor – Deepak Chopra 

I have been a fan of Deepak for many years now. As a response to the moment we are all living  Deepak created a series of  interesting daily conversations and explorations on Youtube called  Spiritual Solutions to existential anxiety, suffering and fear of death during Covid-19. What he says  is extremely interesting and comes straight from The Chopra Foundation  dedicated to conducting scientific research that examines the effects of mind-body practices on health and wellbeing. Deepak inspire us giving us the tools to reach  a personal and social transformation during these challenging times where creativity and love for life reign supreme in everything we are and do in this world. He also emphasizes  that one should not fear death as the latter is the ultimate  expression of  human creativity.  View Part One- https://youtu.be/mnviUj-9StY View Part Two- https://youtu.be/EmHcA1qORDQ View Part Three- https://youtu.be/K3DXu55JG7w View Part Four- https://youtu.be/m9V4Lu3WH_Y View Part Five- https://youtu.be/a9ora-kD-rQ View Part Six- https://youtu.be/-kpS1osTWZk View Part Seven- https://youtu.be/0a-5ttdKYQY View Part Eight- https://youtu.be/PjGvjUZNZHw

Deepak’s New Book

4. The Astro-Fab Super-Star Nadiya Shah

French Vanity Fair named Nadiya Shah one of the top 12 astrologers on the planet, crowning her a pioneer in video astrology. When I am in need to understand the cosmo she’s the Guru I turn to. Not only Nadiya is an Internationally Syndicated Astrologer, Author, Television and Internet Personality, and is also one of the few people in the world to hold an M.A. in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom. Listening to Nadiya ‘s webinars is a real blessing due to the fact that every  one of her discourses is illustrated with renowned world  thinkers, historians,  philosopher’s , authors and scientists quotes. Nadiya tours around the world in cruises, and retreats where she reveals to us the secrets of our complex nature behind the stars Nadiya Shah is the Author of several books, including “The Body and The Cosmos”, which debuted as the #1 New Release in New Age Astrology on Amazon. Her School “Synchronicity University” teaches astrology worldwide. Nadiya’s wildly popular Youtube channel, nadiyashahdotcom is one of the most watched Astrology channels in the world.  Friends and Fans of her work have described her horoscopes as “inspiring”, “hopeful”, and “spookily accurate.” An internationally acclaimed speaker and media personality, Nadiya is seen around the world celebrating astrology, and affirming a wise and loving Universe for us all. Shop your 2020 horoscope here

Nadya’s New Book

5. The Intuitive , Esoteric Tarot-Reader Nicholas Ashbaugh

Nicholas Ashbaugh is an intuitive lightworker that raises the collective consciousness through his videos, readings and writing. In his work, Nicholas blends his esoteric knowledge of the Tarot as well as his intuitive gifts of empathy, clairvoyance  and channeling. I recommend you to book a personal reading as Nicholas is shockingly accurate, thorough and to the point. After a mostly reading by Nicholas you are sure to recognize your overall strengths and weakness for that period and better prepared to follow your instincts  towards the  directions and decisions you will need to make. His guided meditations are soothing and absolutely perfect. Book your Reading here


6. The Medium Healer – Joanna

Having a remarkable psychic gift since birth, Joanna is one of the most talented  Intuitives and Mediums on the planet today –– in terms of her accuracy, skills, knowledge and speed — she has been commonly compared to some very well known psychics and mediums today. But what makes Joanna wildly different from all the rest is that she brings to the table a lifetime of powerful healing experiences, too — both personally and professionally — which delivers not only profound ACCURACY, but profound RESULTS. Joanna has a deep understanding of how the Universe works, and how dreams are created. So like a human X-Ray Machine, she instantly (and compassionately) sees right to the root of your biggest obstacles and challenges — and with laser-like accuracy, helps you remove those hidden blocks preventing you from reaching your greatest goals. Joanna works mostly with dedicated Spiritual Seekers from all around the world — delivering profound insights, spiritual truths, specific guidance and channeled messages that dramatically transform people’s lives… from the inside, out. So whether you’re a top CEO, celebrity, entrepreneur, healer, single mom or young professional — anyone eager to feel more empowered, successful, excited or transformed will experience something truly life-changing during your time with Joanna.To begin your own transformation, CLICK HERE.

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