Romantic Orta San Giulio

by Joelle

Lake Orta, one of the smallest and least-known of northern Italy’s sub-Alpine lakes, and for some the most romantic in Italy is a place for sublime moments.

The area around the lake has long been a favorite , thanks to the quiet beauty of the landscape, its fascinating history and its wealth of artistic treasures – principally Romanesque and Baroque architecture. Lake Orta lies to the west of Lake Maggiore, in the northern Italy. It is a minor star in the costellation of the subalpine lakes, but all the fascination and the history of the larger lakes seem to be concentrated in this short space.

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I am now on my way to ‘ El Zocalo’, right in the heart of the old city where the Aztecs first settled and afterwards the Spaniards built churches and palaces using the existing stones that were part of the Aztec pyramids . The ride is absolutely fun, At times I am under the impression to be in Cuba. The old cars, the wedding avenue, the textured baroque buildings, the gold and jewelry vendors.

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