Chocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight Wrinkles

by Joelle


Chocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight WrinklesChocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight WrinklesChocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight WrinklesChocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight Wrinkles

Chocolate and Red Wine Keep Skin Young and Fight Wrinkles, as per Latest Research

From enjoying good times to relaxing at the end of a tiring day, chocolates and red wine are always present by our sides. They are appreciated pretty much across the globe, and no one is a stranger to the taste and sweet texture of these.

However, while they are pretty flawless when it comes to taste, latest research by the University of Exeter in England has revealed that these two delicacies could help with fighting wrinkles and keeping the skin young. This comes as extremely good news for both men and women, as they will now be able to slow down the impact of aging, through the properties of delicious chocolates and refreshing red wine.

Aging can have numerous effects on the skin, including the emergence of wrinkles and blemishes that take away your natural glow. While many products tend to hide these signs, the use of red wine and chocolates would actually delay the process, resulting in a longer, fresher glow on your face. Look younger for longer now on the basis of the findings made through this wonderful research.

The research, which was extremely thorough, concluded that both red wine and chocolate have a long-lasting and positive impact on our cells. Properties present within them can help contribute in the rejuvenation of old skin cells, and lead to the emergence of younger, healthier cells. And, with these young cells, you would look more like your old beautiful self.

While chocolates and red wine are already known to host numerous benefits, this just adds to the list of reasons why you should consume these delicacies even more. There is nothing stopping you from the perfect experience anymore.

Flavonoids present within both chocolate and red wine are believed to be responsible for these anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. As people age, the cells present in their skin are bound to go through a strenuous aging process, like any other part of the body. However, with the proper use of delicacies such as chocolate and red wine, you can have your own say and halt this process.

The research, which was conducted in a controlled laboratory environment, treated cells with chemicals present within bitter chocolate and red wine to assess the impact they had. Cells treated with these chemicals, tended to become younger.

The tests were performed multiple times to assess the results in the most profound manner. According to the study leader, Eva Latore, the cells rejuvenated in all of the experiments, hinting that the results were consistent.

Eva also believes that the result from their study can help propel steps towards anti-aging forward. This, she believed, would be the topping on the cake, for the hard work they had done.

This is amazing news for lovers of both chocolate and wine. You can now take these rather guilty pleasures, without feeling the guilt. Drop the anti-aging products you are using, and jump on the cool bandwagon of people using chocolate and red wine to rejuvenate their skin cells.

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