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Beijing | Dining & NightlifeJune 6, 2012

Grill 79 and Atmosphere Bar

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China World Summit Wing, Beijing launched its spring and summer menu collection  at the Grill 79, the highest restaurant in Beijing, which opened last August and has become one of the city’s leading dining destinations.

To launch the event, the China World Summit Wing, Beijing has invited 100 guests including government officials, senior managers from various corporations, and travel professionals and members of the media to attend this ceremony.

In January I had the pleasure to experience the new menu that advocates using only natural and fresh ingredients in dish preparation. The culinary team works closely with local farmers and producers to ensure reliable sources and supplies of fresh vegetables and herbs, seafood and dairy products.

Headed by chef de cuisine, Ryan Dadufalza,  and a culinary team of 24 persons, the restaurant is presenting 28 new recipes, including 11 appetizers, 12 mains and 5 desserts and vegetarian options. Familiar dishes have been re-constructed by adding a modern twist to the preparation and cooking process in order to preserve the natural flavour of the ingredients used. Menu highlights include Unroasted Chicken, Foie Gras au Torchon, Yellowtail Ceviche, Spring Garden and Salmon Teriyaki and Berries.

Chef Ryan welcomes us at the  stunning elegant entrance  hall of  Grill 79  composed of mosaics of hundreds of glittering mirrors cut in different sizes. He makes it a point to take care of our menu tonight.

“As you can see from the name of the dishes, the ingredients used in the menu remain a mystery. Spring Garden, a landscape of vegetables with pumpernickel and Greek yogurt, is currently comprised of baby carrots, brussels sprouts, radishes and peas, representing the transitional period from winter to spring. As the season progresses, the vegetable selection will change based on the fresh produce available in the market. Hence, our patrons will be able to enjoy the same dishes prepared with different ingredients throughout the year,” said Dadufalza.

After more than three months of continuous conceptualisation, searching for the right ingredients, tasting and modifying the recipes, the Spring and Summer menu collection for Grill 79 is finally ready to be presented to you. Are you hungry? "

With views reaching all the way to the rooftops of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, Grill 79, China World Summit Wing, Beijing’s chic, modern Western restaurant located on the 79th floor of China World Tower, is the captivating destination for me , as I am  in search of a memorable, sensory dining experience with, pleasure and romance.

A table has been reserved for us at 130 AM upstairs at the 80th floor and Beijing’s most sophisticated  entertainment venue, the contemporary bar, Atmosphere  after 1 AM .

We cross through a beautifully illuminated wine wall  and enter from the sleek glass-enclosed lift that ferries us from the Grill 79th to the 80th floors.,Dressed in Etro , I hope to be pair Atmosphere 's  beacon of style for the discerning jet set who appreciates the finer things in life while unwinding and relaxing.  Set amidst the dramatic backdrop of Beijing’s gleaming skyline, the  chic bar exudes a sense of elegance that complements the artistry of European-style drinks mixing.

The distinguished tradition of bartending is rejuvenated by Atmosphere’s vibrant live DJ musical entertainment and a team of passionate bar professionals devoted to the art of pleasure.

Influenced by the bespoke features of the hotel venues on Level 79 and 80, the interiors recall traditional Chinese symbolism and play with the duality of the yin and yang, the dual concept of heaven and earth prevalent in Chinese culture.  While the venues on the 79th floor evoke a sophisticated, masculine feeling, Atmosphere on the 80th floor plays up a smart, almost feminine orientation with delicate ceiling features, cleverly installed lighting and jewel-hued furnishings.

A subtly lit spirits cellar at the bar’s entrance provides hint of icy cool, ethereal elegance that awaits inside. Inside the bar, the designer’s interpretation of “heaven” is highlighted by the dramatic expansive backdrop of Beijing cityscape, framed by a ceiling resembling a constellation of delicate stars and matched by comfortable lounge seating in delicate amethyst shades and plush olive-grey walls.

My Etro, great company, a delicious dinner, drinks  and dazzling remixed soul music,  I feel I am  truly at the top of an unreal world. Coffee and tea at 5 AM and an exiting invitation to a sneak in the kitchen to preview tomorrow's chef's refined new desserts.

" Pinch me please to make sure I am not in dream!"

Joelle's Tips:

The Hotel: China World Summit Beijing

The Restaurant  Chef: Ryan Dadufalza

The Designers: Adam Tihany Design New York City

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