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About Joelle Magazine


JOELLE was created  simply because my friends wanted to know where I was and what I was doing

    • – Joelle Maslaton Oster, Founder of Joelle Magazine

My passion for travel dates back to my early childhood in Milan, where I can recall frequent family trips to a number of exotic destinations.As adult I was always drawn to professions that complimented this passion. Perhaps it was Sephardic ancestry or a deep-rooted spiritual calling that has led me toward a legacy of global exploration.

Building on these experiences, I eventually opened a retail store in Sao Paulo, Brazil which hosted “Objects of Desire’ from around the world.

The objects varied from luxury home accessories sourced from Munich, to the most intricate tribal bracelets from Kathmandu.

These treasures were accompanied with a tale of it’s origin which unlocked the truth behind the mysterious essence that accompanied them.

By traveling around the four continents sourcing objects, well before globalization and the Internet, I learned about other lifestyles, culture and habits.

I soon felt a need to share what I saw, felt, and lived. My numerous adventures were captured in thousands of vibrant photographs and journal essays which I eventually hosted on my blog.

Three years later, my publication had grown into an international resource for men and women of all ages in over 86 countries .

Now posting several times a week with visual references and texts about my life and interests; including art, design, fashion, retail, branding, spirituality, hospitality, wellness spas and travel destinations, the blog has transformed into a global magazine that is able to reach various parts of the world in a matter of seconds.

I could not be more thrilled by the loyal community JOËLLE Magazine has created, and the wonderful associations I have been able to make.

It is my hope to be able to continue to grow this community, but more importantly, enhance a deeper global conversation within us all.

Warm wishes,


About Joelle Maslaton

Born in Milan, with a degree in Interior Design from the renowened Instituto Marangoni  and in Industrial / Product design from FAAP Sao Paulo, Joelle currently resides in New York City.

In both personal and professional endeavors Joelle has received several awards including: Brazilian Vogue 25th anniversary edition top 50 most influential people, Award Quality Mercosul in the year 2000 and has recently been selected as a jury member for the prestigious Worlds Best Hotel Awards.


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