Chinese Arts & Crafts

by Joelle


If you need to buy a coral dragon at a price of 4.200.000 dollars Hong Kong is the place to shop. And if you are  also looking for a  a nice Crystal Kwn Yin specifically at the Chinese Arts and Crafts store you will pay 8, 600,00 us dollars. But not everything is that high priced of course. Bring back in your suitcase maginificent silk fabric, cloisonné cups and even cute  folk dolls  of excellent quality for just a few box.

Antiques and arts and crafts

Treasure hunters will be spoiled for choice in antiques-rich Hong Kong, with serious shoppers wanting to head straight for Cat Street and Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island, where there are some of the best galleries, antiques shops and street markets in town.

But hot finds can also be unearthed elsewhere, because Asia’s world city is a giant bazaar of all things arts and crafts: from furniture, to screens, brass and pewter, ceramics, bone china, porcelain, cloisonné, jade, seals, embroidery, painting, scrolls, calligraphy and revolutionary memorabilia.

Valuable Chinese antiques, including delicate vases, imperial embroidery and ancient pots can all be found, as well as traditional silk garments, centuries-old opium pipes, Ming and Qing dynasty furniture and historical photographs. Always ready to make a sale, many shops can arrange to insure, pack and ship your goods safely back home for you.

For porcelain, silk garments, musical instruments, seals and handicrafts, and Chinese-style clothes; Chinese department stores, such as China Arts and Crafts, offer a wide range of items and make excellent one-stop shops.

Chinese tableware
When choosing the design for your custom-decorated dinner service or hand-painted tea set, keep in mind that Hong Kong’s porcelain artisans have seen it all, so don’t worry about going a bit zany with your design requests. But, if you do prefer to play it safe, try a traditional Chinese pattern – after all, countless generations of Chinese tea drinkers can’t all be wrong!

Hong Kong’s shops stock an enormous variety of Chinese tableware, porcelain products and bone china imported from various provinces in Mainland China. Available both as coordinated sets and single items, the colours and patterns of Chinese tableware often represent blessings and can be loaded with symbolic meaning. For example, a pair of bowls and two pairs of chopsticks are perfect gifts for newlyweds, offering the blessing of a bountiful life together.

Antique porcelain and bone china are mostly found in the Hollywood Road area, while more modern designs and shapes can be encountered in outlets and Chinese department stores all over Hong Kong.

Chinese clothing
Timelessly beautiful traditional Chinese clothing and accessories can be found at most street markets, in boutiques, and even made-to-order. Sometimes orthodox, the classic cheong sams, mandarin-style robes, jackets, tops, padded silk coats, beaded dresses, scarves and handbags also come with stylish modern twists. Fabric shops, tailors and lane vendors also carry vast amounts of fine silks, crepes, satins, ribbons and decorative buttons.


Joelle’s Picks:

Where to find traditional wares and wears:
Look in Chinese department stores, specialty shops and boutiques throughout Hong Kong, particularly in:

  • Li Yuen East and West streets, Central, Hong Kong Island (MTR Central Station Exit D1)
  • Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong Island (MTR Central Station Exit D1)
  • Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island (MTR Central Station, Exits B and C)
  • Stanley Market, Hong Kong Island

















































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