Nine Dragons and Feng Shui at InterContinental

by Anjali Kumari
 Feng shui, the study of geomancy, literally translates to “wind and water”. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this delicate balance of nature insures that the spirits are appeased.  If proper feng shui is not followed, the results can be disastrous.
Magnificently located on the Kowloon waterfront overlooking Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island, the InterContinental hotel parking lot , in front of a fountain  that symbolizes a pearl ,  symbol of wealth showcases three brand new Ferraris, one Testa Rossa, one Lamborghini and a few Rolls Royces

In 1980, prior to the completion of the construction of InterContinental  a feng shui master was called upon for consultation.  Now the award-winning hotel is renowned for its favourable “feng shui”. First of all, the fountain at the entrance symbolizes a pearl. This pearl (a symbol of wealth) .  and entices the nine dragons to the hotel’s entrance.

The  hotel formerly known as The Regent Hong Kong   is actually built up over the harbor on pile-ons boasts a strategic location, which provides a dramatic panoramic view of Hong Kong’s harbor. Chinese legend states that the nine dragons of Kowloon come from the mountains each day to take their morning bath and drink from Victoria Harbor. (“Kowloon” actually means “nine dragons” in Chinese.)

The site selected for the hotel would have blocked the pathway of the nine dragons, thus creating a negative flow of “Chi” (energy). Therefore the hotel took the following precautions which have assured the property good feng shui and prosperity since its opening in 1980.

 At the entrance just before the lobby an array of pretty  tangerine miniature trees with red  paper envelopes encrypted in gold with good wishes for the New Year of the Dragon  . The super heavy glass doors are constantly opened by young doorman dressed in white uniforms and  pretty ha also  enticing and allowing  the dragons entrance with ease. ( Dragons, can also go through glass!)  The Dragons then proceed majestically through the Lobby to the expansive plate glass windows to take their morning bath in the harbor.

However, they must first stop off at the Reception Desk. InterContinental Hong Kong was one of the first hotels to have an island reception area. This is to allow the dragons to drop off some of their wealth before they proceed through the Lobby’s expansive windows. This auspicious pathway for the “nine dragons” has ensured the hotel’s continued good “feng shui”.

 Good morning Miss! Welcome to the intercontinental Hotel in hong Kong and Happy New Year of the Dragon .  Miss Carole Klein ( one of the most powerful hotels PRS in Asia) is waiting for you ate the reception desk.

Whether you’re gazing over the skyline from the infinity spa pools, contemplating the horizon from the Club InterContinental Lounge or landmark-spotting from your suite, all of Hong Kong is literally at your feet.

But the views are not the only draw, the hotel is also renowned for its luxurious accommodation, impeccable service and world-class restaurants – which include the 1-Michelin star SPOON by Alain Ducasse and Yan Toh Heen, as well as NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong. The hotel also is home to Asia’s most spectacular Presidential Suite.

I-Spa features luxurious private suites, clad in polished green granite from floor-to-ceiling, each with its own sauna, steam-shower, Jacuzzi and massage facilities. Specialty treatments are Oriental Healing and Jetlag Relief. With the most enlightened smile I recognize the charming Carole walking toward my direction.

I got a feeling I am going to have a good time  here at the InterContinental goes without saying in also perfect company as I know for a fact, I am in the right place at the right time to celebrate the beginning of the year of the Dragon as  9  of them  will  be watching over me closely  during my Hong Kong Edition stay.


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