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Brussels | Food & DrinksNovember 22, 2011

Caprice des Dieux

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“ There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”  

Mahatma Gandhi

The birthday chart is called a solar return chart and happens when the Sun is in exactly the same place zodiacally as at the time of birth. This chart is seen to be the seed for events and consciousness growth for the next 6 months, perhaps the whole year.

By choosing to be in a new place, a special place or a place one dreamed to be, the ascendant of the chart is altered so that planets fall in different houses.

According to my friend the Canadian Kabbalist Astrologer Joseph Marc Cohen this is called relocation chart or astro-cartography and  an interesting method of divining influences that may derive from past life experiences or cultural biases..

This year, my birthday relocation chart happens to take place in Brussels and to be more exact at the Saint Aulaye patisserie.

Based in Ixelles since 1986 and named after a small town in the Dordogne where Gérard Marciquet, the founder  did his apprenticeship, Saint-Aulaye is a patisserie specialised in producing the highest quality traditional French pastry.

And it's also in this magic place that every day, Fabien Grégoire, Jean-Louis Barré and their team of talented pâtissiers work very hard so we can share share their passion by tasting delicacies that will make our taste buds reach true ecstasy.

So the Joelle who lived in Brazil had one set of influences, the Joelle in NYC another and of course the Joelle of  Brussles's  Saint-Aulaye has quite a set of planetary influences. Perhaps says Joseph Marc now on the phone, this kind of chart should be termed the rebirth day chart!

" This one is a tart with apricot praliné, on a bed of short crust pastry and a pistachio cream. The fruits are mixed together in a delicate and light mousseline praliné." -   whispers Fabien while I chat about my chart, " -  And that one is called La Griottine- It is on a bed of short crust pastry,  that the lightly sugared and slightly acidic morello cherries contrast wonderfully with the pistachio frangipane that is both light and crispy. The top is rounded off with sprinkles of shortbread pastry."

Galactic astrology would look to see if there might be a so-callled fixed star highlighted in the chart  conjunct a planet or significant axis.

While Joseph Marc is searching for my fixed star, I finally decide to pick what in my opinion appears to be the terrestrial highlight of the patisserie : The classic Apple-Apricot Feuillete . This tart mixes the subtle flavours of apricots and caramelised apples with an almond cream. All this on a bed of flaky (pure butter) pastry  a renowned speciality of Saint-Aulaye among Gods surely translated  into angelical manna.

Tasting heavenly grace ,my blackberry screen shows now a record of 1000 Facebook greetings .
- "  It is an ideal day for deep introspection to discover one's life destiny. A day to express gratitude to friends and teachers, to settle karmic debts and to meditate so that one's soul and inner guide and guardian angels could offer assistance for the year to come."  continues  the Kabbalist now on the cell loudspeaker.

In a heightened states of consciousness my hand full of small gifs and delicacies from  Chef Fabien  I am now at Rouge Pivoine, a tiny flower shop a few blocks from  the patisserie. The natural compositions of the greens, white, oranges and red beds of roses, autumnal shrubs  and  wood vegetation  emanate an aroma that can only come from celestial realms.

I cannot avoid sending a snapshot to Joseph-Marc who adds: " For mystics of all traditions it is the sense of smell that connects one to one's deepest intuitive level. So let's hope that those pastries , flowers and  delicacies are fragrant items that will stimulate your desire to live with a greater quotient of joy and bliss in your  life...

For those Sagittarians who have a birthday this month, may they travel to exotic destinations and take in the aroma and the alchemy of markets and assorted soundscapes.....

And  If you choose to celebrate this year with a pomegranate martini, your kabbalistic astrologer will chant l'chaim & l'chai ha olameem.....

"  Earth laughs in flowers. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Hamatreya"

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