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Shanghai | HotelJanuary 16, 2012

Zen Suite

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My luggage is still downstairs . Someone elegantly dressed is doing my check- in  silently while I am invited to sit on sober couch overlooking the grey sky at distance.  I  am drinking a cup of Jasmine tea, my favorite.

I must admit to everyone, that  I am not very comfortable with heights, tower buildings or high floors . They are definitely not  my Jasmine cup of tea !  I decide to come closer cautiously to the large floor to ceiling glass paneled window and admire  still at calculated distance what seems to be the top of  the 88-story landmark supertall skyscraper Jin Mao Tower  just  few meters below the coffee table in front of me- Weird sensation.

I still cannot do it and apparently now, my luggage has arrived and the same elegant person who checked me in is now giving directions to another quite and as distinguished ' servant' of where I must be taken from this point on. I naturally ask only one question:  " Which floor are we going to?"

Among only 174 guest rooms and 14 suites I learn that mine is located at the 84th floor. Not bad I think quietly,  looks easy, I will make it, I will make it. The elevator ride is silent,  too silent, and in my mind it takes just a little more to arrive to New York on a jumbo jet from that living room  but here we are, with a smile and several thank yous I am now shown the way  by the new person in charge to sober palette of natural colors corridor. The light accents are subtle and the general atmosphere is one of  grand serenity.

Like every room in the hotel, mine features views over  the Huangpu river and Pudong and apparently I will be spending time in one of the largest suite sof the city measuring 130 sqm . Tallest building and largest suite  are overwhelming for a simple traveler like me who is just looking for some comfort and warm hospitality. The tall doors are opened to a 3,1 meter ceiling height, and the room at first site looks pretty spacious to me.

The monochromatic palette with walls lined in linen, lacquer finish and  slatted wood panels feature a daybed for in-room massage treatment, a large walk -in dressing chamber with front and back mirrors, I like mirrors, DVD player, broadband internet on a small desk that can be perfectly used as an office,Plasma TV and a coffee machine embedded into a vanity mirror, marble freestanding double sinks, all very squared and sharp looking in Greek Thassos , and an oriental charming, charming  bathing area  with an oversized monsoon rain shower, an overflowing soaking tub where as we speak two young girls are preparing my  " Welcoming  Aromatherapy Relaxing Bath Experience" .

Through the ' courtyard style' corridor I can see a bright green grass carpet with a few little dogs, how refreshing, I learn it is a piece of art balancing the grey taped tones of the far too sober room overlooking a noisy Shanghai. After all who really minds what happens below at this point?  In fact cut from the world above and below I am now even ready  to take a peak at the panoramic landscape , one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Zen minded I am on my way to soak in that bath tub.

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