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Mykonos | HotelAugust 13, 2012

Grand Rituals

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It's 5 o clock in the morning, through the curtain of my window I can sea the blue ocean and sense that the outside temperature is perfect to take a morning walk. The island of Delos while waking up  whispers in my ear that if I wish,  it's a good time to practice some meditative Yoga at the resort's amphitheatrum located a few cottages above her sight.

I quickly wear  a light linen beach dress and head to the the beautiful restaurant Dolphins of Delos framed by flamboyant bougainvillea for a light breakfast al fresco. Mr Dactilidis, the owner and founder of the Mykonos Grand , father of Panayiotis the operating manager and two younger brothers, is the old man that with warm smile on his face and an allure I have rarely seen , goes back and fourth to the kitchen carrying fresh fruits and beautifully arranges them on a table close to all sorts of natural juices.

At the restaurant I am assisted  by efficient conciergerie experts with the reservations of  my day : Olive Oil Massage with lavender and almond  essential oils at the Pavillon Seaside  and after sunset  where I will be served  a chamomile , peppermint and Greek Mountain tea at the moment where  the heat  will give us a breaks.  Sea Satin my favorite restaurant in Mykonos  Town at 10PM.

Having stared my day on perfect schedule, I am now ready to  loose notion of time and explore the  Mexico Hacienda Style inspiration  resort that has won  Conde Nast Traveler's 2012 issue as one of the top-rated places to stay, making it one of the publication's 500 reasons " to make your plans,  find the dream" on the legendary  island of Mykonos on their Gold list of awarded hotels.

So ladies and gentlemen , if you will excuse me now , since I have well planned in advance, I have some Grand Living to do today.

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The Hotel: Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Mykonos, Aegean Islands

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