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San Jose del Cabo | HotelDecember 27, 2010

Guess Who’s Coming for Breakfast?

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   '' The difference between a tourist and a traveler is that the tourist travels to return home and the traveler travels to stay"

Old proverb

It 's my 5th day at  Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos . Wherever I leave home for more than a week, I try to establish an interesting routine that makes me feel like I am still somehow at home. It's strange I know, because the idea is to get that change right?

Having a routine gives me the impression, or the illusion that I belong somehow to the place, and for some reason , this concept makes me feel safe.  Anyway, please follow me, not in Twitter though, as I describe one simple and enchanting aspect of this routine here at Las Ventanas del Paraiso. It maybe frequent, or infrequent but the unexpected can always be expected...

It's early  morning , 6 AM to be precise on the alarm clock I have set up last night. Quickly I brush my teeth, put on a bikini,  wear no suntan and take my inseparable Cannon G9 while I rush outdoor to feel the gentle morning breeze.

There is a dense fog around , a promised guarantee of the heat that is soon  on it's way. This is why I like to wake up so early. I want to be able to walk to the end of the shore I see from my room and then peacefully dive into the deep blue sea .There  I will be able to swim  without  the danger of getting burned by the sun or carried away by waves of an an ocean I will never return from.

As I cross the outdoor restaurant I enjoy complementing a few workers who are watching me pass with a furtive and silent gaze and cleaning tools on their hands. They are working very hard to keep those outdoor areas clean and ready to receive  like only South Americans  do,  spoiled guests in every wish they might have or create at that moment.

But all this is far from me and has no matter as I am already throwing myself into the depth of this impressive sea shore landscape. At my back, the white walled resort protected by several tall palm trees stands still  faithfully waiting  for my return. The dense clouds in the sky melt with the surrounding  desert sand into a tone of Sepia that reminds me the scenery of Traffic the movie shot in Tijuana and  starred by Hispanic actor Benicio Del Toro.

The sun although it's still very early in the morning already shows pitiless rays on skins that fear him. Fortunately , after 25 years in South America Summer skies, mine has grown used and can easily deal at these early morning hours. The sand terrain is not plane and there are lot's of up and down hills, making  this walk a good exercise especially if one likes to enjoy few  Margaritas under the afternoon sun.

And here I have arrived, after a long hour walk at the end of this shore where a fishermen-created small bay lays  with turquoise and pure fresh waters protected all around by hundreds of piled one top of the other large stones.

Covered with  energetic sweat and already exhausted I dive into the water once, twice, three times. I feel the tremendous force of the ocean of Cortez currents surrounding my core as waves crash with violently against the solid dark brown rock wall behind me.

Revived after the wonderful 30 minutes swim, I decide to walk back to the hotel dreaming about a fresh and restorative drink that will happily quench my sudden thirst. Maurice Guisset, the resort  chef has certainly prepared an interesting combination of fruit juices this morning like every morning and I can't wait to find out about today's specialty.

As I walk following a few caballeros dressing horses on their way to the hotel  to pick up guests for their morning horseback rides, I  notice that the landscape tones are slowly changing from the yellow sepia to brighter and vivid colors.

This is certainly due to the fact that the wind has appeared on the horizon and swept away all clouds leaving a bluer sea than a the existing darkest blue sky.There are only my foot imprints on the sand, and a seagull watches attentively the horizon in the hope of a new fresh catch.

It takes me about 10 minutes to catch the right attention of the seagull to look through my lens, at the end I realize that I have about 30 pictures of the seagull and none have the gaze I loo for.

Seagull is certainly hungry, me too actually therefor there is no point on insisting. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day especially if,  as I am a morning person I have exercised quite intensely.

I decide to accelerate my pace and start climbing courageously uphill on a short cut that will cross one area of Las Ventanas Al Paraiso 's golf course and hopefully connect me directly to my suite.

Here I am, successful, although the initiative is rather challenging due to the amount of medium Cacti walls especially designed to protect naturally the resort against invasive entrance to the charming terraces of the ocean view suites on the garden loan .

I recognize my suite beacause of an extremely large Flamboyant tree in bloom. See the picture below, isn't it impressive?

I step barefoot into my suite. The air conditioning is at it's maximum. I take a long indoor fresh shower, wash my hair wear the beautiful cotton robe with slippers carefully displayed for me by Maria the house keeper last night while I was having dinner in the city.

The do0rbell rings. Armando my suite' s butler arrives on a bicycle carrying an incorporated warming box with the usual attentive smile and the breakfast I ordered this morning before leaving my room at 6AM.

He first asks me where I would like my breakfast table set: On the outdoor stone table over the pool overlooking the sea of Cotez or indoors in the living room facing the HD television watching the morning news?

'Armando querido-  I reply in the best of my mood, as usual outdoor, I like to watch the golfers play!"

Armando lays silently the table as I have asked. The ritual is as follows:  Lay Dulce de Leche over pancakes, then fresh mangoes or  chopped papaya, your choice. On top Marple syrup, and Vanilla Liquor,to make things tastier the chef strongly suggest  to add a layer of caramelized Macademia nuts. I follow diligently the advice

Today's drink specialty is a combination of the house 4 juices each with specific nutrients and properties. Mixed berries, mango a papaya , apple meant and lemon , carrots and a ginger zest. All in a single tray with two home made gluten0free almond cookies. Wow!

Last, before inviting me to sit, Armando displays today's parer  with a  few ob the resort's news annexed and serves the hot recently brewed coffee form an elegant leather thermos container kept hermetically shut on the table until my arrival.

When I will be ready and before Armando leaves, I am instructed to open the door of the small oven placed under the stone table and take the poached egg enchilada with a twist of pesto sauce and the tomatoes and onion salad ordered this morning as a part of my breakfast.

Armando leaves without noise, only a ' Bon provecho Senora Joelle, please call me after you've finished so I can clean up and avoid unwanted guests to your breakfast."

Everything is  so delicious... Like every morning, I am so happy I have exercised and the guilt once more lies on my back for enjoying such a wonderful routine ritual. I read the newspaper, the pinut butter is excellent, the hot bread, croissants and pastries are great as well. but I cannot possibly eat everything...I drink three juices and have just a sip of the 4th one.

Extremely relaxed, I get to my room to prepare my bag to face the pool and the sea attractions.

A subtle noise catches my attention...I look under my bed to see if it comes from there, no, it doesn't seem to be in the room.

I look quietly outside from the large room glass door and there she is. Smelling the food from afar, maybe from close who knows, the Iguana watched me eat breakfast.

From a stone fish adorning the tabletop she quickly jumps into the egg plate in pretty porcelain . Curious I decide to watch her and see what food the she will prefer with my finget on the camera shutter speed button . I have forgotten to call Armando to clan up the table of my breakfast and now I understand  what he meant about mentioning ' unwanted guests"

She tries some of theegg white I left on my plate..dislikes it.Walks sinuously to the pesto sauce bowl . Trys it and frowns.

Finally she attempts to dig her long tongue the dulce de leite and pinut butter. Her face looks better. Not very happy my unwaned wanted guest leaves the  suite as quietly as she arrived. Possibly she will find a better menu in the golf loan loan, that she will certainly appreciate more.

I call Armando, tell him about the last event as a cute bird stops on the edge of my private pool to drink some of its water quenching it's thirst after a long flight in the blue sky.

It'a  all good... after all what is best in life than sharing with your true friends your  daily routine?

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